Why is Drainage Important for Houses in Atascocita, TX? Avoid Foundation Damage, Mold, Pests & Other Problems

If you are like most people, when you’re building a new house, you aren’t thinking about property drainage, but rather, you’re thinking about cabinets, flooring, square footage and more. However, if homeowners only knew how important ample property drainage was to their new home, they would make sure it was done right. If you don’t have enough drainage, or the drainage is installed improperly, there are a number of problems that you can come across. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about why property drainage is so important.

What Happens if You have Land Drainage Problems Around Your Property?

Most people know that moisture and homes simply don’t mix. You don’t want to have moisture that is going to cause any damage to your property. There are several problems that you can run into when there isn’t proper drainage in place.
– Fungus: One of the mildest issues that comes from too much moisture is fungus. This is usually a surface problem that can be easily dealt with. While fungus might be mild, it is still something that can cause damage to your lawn and landscaping if you don’t deal with the issue.
– Pests: It’s no secret that pests are attracted to areas that have excess moisture. Some pests are going to be a bigger problem that others even though no one wants any pest infestations of any kind. Two pests that can be especially damaging are carpenter ants and termites. They prefer wood that has been damaged by water because it makes it easier to eat and clear out for their nesting. If your home is infested with these pests, it can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage by the time you find them.
– Mold: Whenever there is standing water anywhere on your property, it can cause mold and mildew to start growing rather quickly. It only takes a few hours of stagnant water to get mold and mildew growth. If there is excess water indefinitely, you are certainly going to run into problems with it. Mold is extremely difficult to get rid of on your own and requires the help of mold remediation services to get rid of it correctly and completely.
– Foundation Damage: Of course, the worst problems that you can have when you have excess moisture in your soil is foundation damage. When there is too much moisture, it causes undue stress to your foundation and leads to extensive damage. Likewise, if there is too little moisture in the soil, shrinkage can cause too little support for the foundation and lead to problems. Drainage is key in avoiding this problem.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If you are worried that your foundation has been damaged due to poor property drainage, you can turn to DuraTech Texas to come and take a look. We will let you know if there are any problems that need to be addressed and handle all of the necessary repairs. Call us today!