Signs of Foundation Problems in Texas City, TX; Cracks in Walls, Sticking Windows, Sagging Floors & More

Due to our Texas soil and our erratic climate, a home’s foundation can develop some major problems. When a foundation shifts, sinks, settles or heaves, this can cause major damages to the home. The entire home will be affected when the foundation develops these types of problems. It is important to recognize when the foundation has developed a major problem. DuraTech Texas will share some of the common signs of foundation problems or damages and when to seek professional foundation repair.

Cracks in Walls, Ceiling & Floors

When the foundation shifts and becomes unlevel, this will create a lot of stress on the home structure. When the home’s structure is being stressed, the stress will eventually result in cracks. You will discover major cracks along your home’s walls, ceiling and even the floors. Cracks in your home, especially those that are longer than 2 to 3 inches and over 1/8 to ¼ inch wide, you know you have major foundation problems. When you have cracks inside your home this is mostly the result of a foundation problem.

Sticking Doors & Windows

When your foundation has a problem and the home structure has shifted due to the problem, the doors and windows will also develop problems. The windows and doors may no longer be straight and will sit on a slight angle. When this occurs the doors and windows may not open or close properly or feel stuck. Gaps may also develop around the edges of the door and window frames. When the doors and windows have gaps, feel stuck and do not open or close properly, the foundation has probably shifted and caused the windows and doors to not sit straight and this is alerting you that your foundation needs repair.

Sagging Floors

When you are walking along your home’s floor, and you notice that there is a low point, it is not your imagination. Your foundation can suddenly collapse in some areas, causing the foundation to sag. The soil underneath the foundation is eroding away which can cause the foundation to collapse. The foundation can also sink or heave which can also result in sagging.

Countertops and Cabinets Pulling Away from the Wall

When your countertops or cabinets are no longer sitting tight next to the walls, your foundation has shifted. When the foundation dramatically shifts, often the countertops and the cabinets will be pulled away from the wall leave a small gap. When your countertops in your kitchen or bathroom have gaps along the back you need to have your foundation check. These gaps usually occur when the foundation has moved or become severely uneven.

When Should You Consider Foundation Repair?

If you have any of these problems occurring in your home, you need to have your foundation inspected. The foundation will impact your entire home. To begin repairs, the foundation will need to be inspected and the problem with the foundation discovered. A foundation can settle, sink, heave, and develop a number of different problems. When the foundation does develop problems, they can be repaired. There are a number of different ways to restore your home’s foundation. Depending on the problem, the repairs will of course, vary. Foundation repairs often involve leveling a home and making sure the foundation is properly supported.

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If your foundation has one or more of these classic symptoms of foundation problems, contact Duratech Foundation today.