Can You Live in Your House While the Foundation is Being Repaired in Kingwood, TX? What is the Fixing Process?

A question often asked of us is do I need to pack up my home during the foundation repairs? Some homeowners will hear of the basic process for foundation repairs and often worry about their household items becoming damaged. To answer this question, DuraTech Texas will break how a foundation is repaired and what to expect as a homeowner.

Can You Live in a House While They Fix the Foundation

Do you need to pack up your entire household item or even just the more fragile items? Well, no you do not need to pack up your home. The repair process, even though they may sound like they would shake the walls or floor, repairing a foundation is rather smooth and will not break anything inside your home. You do not need to remove heavy items or do anything. However, whether or not you want to stay inside the home is up to you. In some instances, parents will take the children and pets out during repair, but only to keep them out of the way of the repairing process. There are certain parts of foundation repair you will not want your pets or children near. For better understanding, let break down the foundation repair process.

What is the Process for Fixing a Foundation?

The first step is having the foundation inspected. A professional foundation repair service will be able to inspect the foundation and then make a foundation repair plan and design. Next will be the preparation where the needed materials and equipment will be organized and ready for the project. Once the foundation repair project begins, often excavation is needed. The site where the foundation needs support will be dug out. Afterward, foundation underpinning occurs, which is a support structure that is used to level and support the foundation. The underpinning may use piers or piling. Depending on the soil conditions and the repair your foundation needs, the repair methods will vary. Once the support structure has been put in place, the excavation will be filled back in. Before the task is considered complete, the plumbing, drainage and electrical systems are tested to ensure that nothing was damaged during the repair or excavation. The foundation or floors are also tested to make sure they are level. Cracks in the foundation will also be repaired once the foundation is leveled and supported. There may be some other household repairs you may need to do such cracks in the wall and ceilings which will need repair. Doors and window frames may need to be resealed. Lastly, the site will be cleaned up and your foundation is repaired.

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This is a very basic overview of the foundation process. However it gives you an idea as to whether or not you will want to stay there or have somewhere for you, your children and pets to go. At least the primary home should stay present. The inside of your home will not be disturbed during foundation repairs and you most certainly do not have to pack up your home. The outside may need to be rearranged and exterior furniture moved out of the way of excavation. If you have any more questions about foundation repairs, or need your foundation inspected and repaired, contact DuraTech Texas today.