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How Do You Maintain Your Slab Foundation in Cypress, TX? Keep Proper Grading, When to Water & More

Many homes in Texas are built using a slab foundation. These foundations are incredibly durable and can last for decades when they are properly constructed and maintained. While many homeowners don’t realize you need to maintain your foundation, it is an important part of keeping your foundation in good condition. DuraTech Texas, LLC is here…

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Causes of Foundation Movement Issues in Crosby, TX; Dirt Pad Problems, Older Homes, Poor Drainage & More

The foundation is a major component of any home. Unfortunately, a home’s foundation can develop some major problems that can compromise the integrity of the entire home. DuraTech Texas, LLC will share some of the common foundation problems as well as what causes them to help you avoid them or atl east detect them sooner…

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How Do I Know if My Concrete Slab is Sagging or Settling? Can a Sinking Foundation Be Fixed in Houston, TX?

As a homeowner it is important to see to all of the needs of your home. A homeowner will typically tend to their window, door, wall, and even roof repairs. However, often the foundation is never considered. Many homes have a concrete slab foundation that seems strong and durable, so why would it require maintenance?…

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House Settling Cracks VS Foundation Problems Such as Shrinkage & Movement in Houston, TX

In the years following the construction of your home, you can count on a certain amount of settling to happen. It’s when that settling turns into something bigger that problems with your foundation can occur. DuraTech Texas LLC is here to share the difference between normal settling and signs that you could have major foundation…

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