Slab Foundation Repair

In Texas, many of the homes that are 50 years or newer have been built on slab foundations. Unfortunately, even slab foundations can have issues. Nobody wants to hear that they have foundation problems. At Dura-Tech Texas LLC, when we hear of homeowners that have slab foundation issues, we do our best to help them. We have the training and expertise needed to provide our valued customers with the foundation repair that they need. Here is a little more about some of the troubles homeowners face when it comes to slab foundation issues.

Slab Foundation Basics

If you have a home that is built directly on the ground without a crawl space or a basement, it means that you have a slab foundation. These foundations are built to be able to rise and fall with fluctuating soil conditions, but there are times that soil conditions change too drastically and cause problems. Slab foundations are designed to have a grade beam built around the perimeter of the slab. If the house is large, there will be grade beams that are found throughout the slab in a checker board-like pattern. Slabs that have a grade beam are much more stable than those that do not.

Common Causes of Slab Foundation Failure

Those that have their landscaping put in too close to their foundation have a much higher likelihood of experiencing foundation issues. Trees and flowerbeds need a large amount of water to keep them growing which isn’t ideal for your foundation. Another common cause of failure involved soil conditions. If you live in a dry climate that is mostly warm, you have a higher chance of foundation problems as well.

Early Signs of Slab Foundation Problems

There are several signs of slab foundation failure that every homeowner should be aware of and looking for. One of the biggest signs will be in your flooring. If there are areas that are uneven and clearly have large cracks in them, you likely have a problem with your foundation. Another sign includes windows and doors that are all of a sudden difficult to open and close. If you notice that the sheetrock in your home has any cracks, this is also a cause for concern. And lastly, any areas on your exterior brick that have cracks also indicate a foundation concern.

Slab Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If you have experienced slab foundation settling and are in need of repair, the experts at Dura-Tech Texas LLC will install helical piles beneath your foundation to lift it up and keep it from settling further. Usually homeowners don’t even need to worry about leaving your home for our team to take care of the job. You can trust that once our team of foundation experts are finished with your foundation repairs, you will have a sound home once again with no more worry for the overall structure of your home. Call us today!