Why is Drainage of Foundations Necessary in League City, TX & How to Ensure Proper Diverting of Water

When you think about the landscape on your property, many people don’t realize how important it is to have proper drainage. You need to be able to keep water flowing away from your home when your area experiences heavy rainfall. Without proper drainage, it can have big consequences for your home’s foundation. Water is the biggest problem that foundations often face. Without proper drainage, you could end up facing thousands in foundation repair later. DuraTech Foundation is here to talk about why drainage is so important and what you need to make sure your property has to keep water flowing away from your home.

Why is Landscape Drainage Important?

Proper drainage isn’t likely something you will notice when you look at the landscaping on any property. However, it is key in avoiding erosion issues that will surely come with improper drainage. Not only will improper drainage bring problems for your home’s foundation but trouble with pests and fungus growth can be a result of poor drainage as well.

How Do I Ensure Proper Drainage in My Yard?

There are several different things that come into play when it comes to the drainage on your property. Here are some of the methods used to keep water away from your home.
– Grading: When the water is falling, it is important that the ground is sloping away from your home. This usually requires some grading to get the right slope. The ground should be sloping away from your home and any other buildings and structures on your property. This also includes patios and walkways.
– Dry Creek Bed: One way that you can include drainage into your landscape design is a dry creek bed. This is made using rock that will help guide the water away from your home and property while looking visually appealing at the same time.
– French Drains: French drains is an underground drainage system that is put in place to redirect water flow to a designated area. A trench is dug, and pipes are placed in them along with gravel that will help to filter the water and direct it. The best part of this drainage system is that they are completely covered by your landscaping.
– Gutter Downspout Extensions: The gutter system on your home is essential in keeping water from pooling around your foundation. You may need some gutter downspout extensions to ensure the water is moving far enough away from your home to avoid any problems. These extensions connect your gutter downspout to a pipe that will guide the water to another location completely.

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