Can a Slab Leak from a Water Supply Line Sewer Pipe or Flood Cause Foundation Problems in Pasadena, TX?

A concrete slab may seem like a strong and durable foundation for a home. However, if water or leaks develop around or near the foundation, it can lead to a number of problems that greatly affect the home’s foundation. As concrete slab foundation is one of the most common types of foundations used. Therefore, it is important that homeowners be made aware of the potential dangers of leaks and how they can detect foundation problems that develop as a result of exposure to water. DuraTech Texas would like to share the common sources for slab leaks and the problems that can occur.

Slab Foundation Leak

A slab foundation leak can turn into a serious problem very quickly. Slab leaks can develop in a few different ways. One common example of a slab foundation leak is when the water supply to the home develops a leak that allows the water to flow directly underneath the foundation. Another common example of a slab foundation leak is when the home sanitation system or drainage system develops a leak as these lines run underneath the foundation. However, some other sources of a water leak can be from a damaged gutter system, flooding and even from the irrigation system.

Leaky Water Supply Line

When the home’s water supply line develops a leak, some of the signs to watch for will vary. You may not see that the foundation is affected right away, but you will notice a very high power bill. Prolonged exposure to a water supply leak may also cause the foundation to heave or sink. Depending on the location of the leak, you may even see continuous wet soil. If the leaking is located in the center of the foundation, the foundation along the site of leaking may warp, buckle, sag and crack. These signs often develop when the water supply line develops a leak.

Sewer Leak

When the home’s sanitation system develops a leak, the foundation will sink in the area that has been saturated. As the foundation can sink, whether it is caused by a water supply line or the sanitation system, you can determine which one it is by the behavior of your drainage system. If it’s the sanitation system, the toilet and drainage lines will appear clogged or drain slowly. The ground around the foundation may appear swampy and smell.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

It is important to determine the source of the slab foundation leak and repair it before you begin repairing the foundation. Once the leak is repaired the foundation will need to be thoroughly inspected to determine the best method to repair the foundation. Often leaks or water exposure will destroy the foundation’s support structure. The foundation will need to be re-supported and leveled. Repairs may seem impossible but an experienced foundation repair service can level and provide a support system and repair a foundation even though it is sinking, has upheaved and more. For those that have had a recent slab foundation leak and need foundation repairs, contact DuraTech Texas and schedule an inspection and repair to restore your home’s foundation.