Why Professional Foundation Repair is Important in Houston, TX; Detailed Inspection, Proper Tools & More

When your foundation is showing signs of distress, you should seek out a professional foundation repair contractor. Repairing a foundation is no DIY task. You may think a crack is a basic problem. However the entire foundation as well as the home may be at risk. When you hire a professional contractor to repair your foundation, you get much more than basic crack repairs. DuraTech Texas would like to share what you get when you hire a professional contractor to repair your home’s foundation.

Detailed House Foundation Inspection

When you have a foundation problem you will want to seek out a professional foundation repair contractor. When you contact a foundation repair contractor one of the first steps a professional will take is a thorough inspection of the foundation. They will not just repair a crack in the foundation and assume everything is fine. A crack can be a sign of a much bigger problem. A foundation repair contractor will inspect the foundation and determine what caused the cracks or other problems that may have developed. If there is a major problem that is affecting the foundation, it can be repaired. With a professional foundation contractor you will ensure that the foundation is properly repaired.

Foundation Contractors Have Tools & Equipment

Depending on the foundation’s problems, patching and sealing a crack may not be all to the needed repairs. A foundation may need to have piers or concrete piling which require the foundation to be lifted and repaired. Repairing a foundation often requires a team of professionals and large industry machines to repair the foundation. If you need major foundation repair, you will not have the tools to do such a task. Repairing a foundation will require excavation and a hydraulic jack to lift the foundation to set up the support. In some cases you will need your home repaired with mudjacking that requires the foundation to be drilled and a filled and then repaired. Depending on what is wrong with your foundation any number of specialty tools will be needed to repair the foundation.

Professional Foundation Repairs Follow Building Codes

When your foundation is in need of major or even minor repair, it is important that the repairs are done correctly and follow proper building codes. If the foundation needs support structures such as piers, piling or even mudjacking repairs, all of these repairs must follow proper code. If you wish to sell your home or to ensure the home is safe, foundation repairs must follow code or the home can lose value. When you use a professional foundation repair contractor they not only know proper foundation code but they must follow them.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Foundations in Texas often need more major repairs than most homeowners realize. A simple crack can be a sign the foundation is sinking, is no longer level, or has settled. A professional foundation repair contractor can do a more thorough inspection of the foundation. If a problem is more severe than the homeowner knows, a professional foundation repair contractor will find it and ensure the foundation is repaired. When you have a foundation developing cracks, bowing or other problems, it is important that you seek a qualified foundation service to repair your home’s foundation. When you need your home’s foundation inspected and repaired, contact Duratech Texas and schedule our services today.