What Type of Foundation Repair is Best in Channelview, TX? Steel or Concrete Piers to Support Slab Base?

There are many ways to repair a foundation. Often steel or concrete piering is used. Both concrete pier and steel pier work great and one is not better than the other. Instead, a certain piering system is used depending on the foundation’s repair needs and the condition of the soil. Some people would rather have steel over the concrete and may not understand why one system is used versus the other. To better understand why concrete or steel piers are used, Duratech Texas, LLC would like to explain how the steel and concrete piering is used to repair foundations.

Foundation Soil Analysis & Assessment

Many people want the best material to repair their home’s foundation and will want to know which one is better than the other and why. The truth is both are great materials. It is your home’s foundation and the soil underneath that will actually determine which type of piering method will be used. When a foundation is believed to be sinking or has cracks and other foundation problems, the foundation will need to be inspected and evaluated. When evaluating your foundation, the soil is closely looked at. The depth of the soil is a major consideration. Basically, both concrete and steel piers need to hit bedrock. The solid bedrock provides the sturdy support your foundation needs. The depth of the bedrock will determine if concrete or steel piers are going to be used. Steel piers require deep soil between 30 to 75 feet before it hits bed rock. In Texas, bedrock can be very deep and even steel piers will not reach that. However, there are other ways to create a slab base. These methods often do not include a piering method. When it comes to using concrete piers, often the bedrock ideally is closer and only 8 to 12 feet deep in the soil. Most homeowners prefer using concrete as they are fast and a bit cheaper to install. However, unless it can hit the bedrock, they will not be the best option.

How Much Weight Can a Pier Support?

However another major consideration besides the soil conditions is the weight the piers will be supporting. The foundation piers must be strong enough to support the weight of the home. Steel piers can support more weight than concrete piers will. For multi-story homes, or bigger buildings, often steel piers will be needed to ensure the home or building is supported. That is not to say that concrete piers cannot support the weight of a home. It can support the weight of most homes, but certain homes may simply weigh too much and steel piers will be needed.

Do Steel Piers Cost More than Concrete Piering?

To determine which piering material is right for your home, you will want a quality foundation repair contractor to come and inspect your home, determine the soil conditions and the weight of the home. In some cases either material can be used, which in that case, the homeowner can choose the one they would prefer. It may come down to cost and steel piering does cost a bit more than concrete piering.

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