Can Foundations Be Repaired in Winter in Atascocita, TX? When is the Best Time to Fix Foundation Problems?

Is there a time of the year that works better to have foundation problems? Certainly not. No one wants to hear that the foundation of their home is in trouble. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Soil shifts, moisture causes settling and heaving happens. Foundation repair is sometimes necessary to make sure your home has the stability it needs to be a safe place to live. If you are facing foundation repair, you may be wondering if there is a time of the year that is better than another to have the repairs done. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about the seasons, and which one is better for foundation repair.

When Should You Fix a Foundation Problem?

The weather has a direct impact on the way that your foundation holds up. If there is a significant amount of moisture and humidity, there is a higher chance of foundation trouble. Here are the seasons broken down so that we can talk about which one is the best for foundation repair.
– Spring: This is the time of year that most people are thinking about ways that they can improve their home with projects. People are cleaning and giving their homes a detailed inventory. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is when many people think it is ideal to have their foundation repaired as well. The clay soil is starting to expand and make issues with foundations more noticeable.
– Summer: The warmest of the seasons is when foundation trouble will be most prevalent. People will tend to notice the signs the most during these months. However, people are also more likely to be gone and not likely to schedule foundation repair during this time of year either.
– Fall: This season usually looks much like summer does. It can be a popular time to have foundation repair done because travels are over, and people are thinking about what needs to be done before winter hits.
– Winter: This brings us to our current season. Winter is actually the ideal time of year to have your foundation worked on. It is usually the driest of the seasons and idea for repairs to be done. Without the heavy rainfall that is usually seen in the spring and summer months, the winter couldn’t be a better time to have the work done. Another benefit is the fact that foundation contractors are usually their slowest during the winter months and scheduling repairs is usually simpler.

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If you have noticed signs that your foundation is settling to having other problems, don’t wait until spring to call on the foundation experts at DuraTech Texas to come and fix it. We are here to tell you that winter is a great time of the year to have any problems with your foundation repaired before the weather warms up and families get busy. Call us today!