How Do You Repair a Pier & Beam Foundation with Shifting Piers and/or Bowing Floors in Mission Bend, TX?

Most homes that were built before 1960 were built with a pier and beam foundation. They are made up of three major components that include: concrete pads, concrete blocks and a concrete foundation beam. This type of foundation was excellent at supporting the heavier brick and stone that many houses were made of. However, you may see that over time, like many other foundations, these foundations can fail. The experts at DuraTech Texas, LLC have the tools and experience to repair any problems you may be facing with your pier and beam foundation.

Shifting Piers

When piers shift, it can be a big problem for your foundation. This issue is much like settling and shouldn’t be ignored. This won’t happen overnight, but rather gradually over the space of many years. Bulging floors, sticking doors, cracks or chimney damage are all signs of shifting piers.

Warning Signs that Indicate a Pier & Beam Foundation Problem

A lot of the time, you will notice warning signs that are present in the floor of your home when you are facing problems with a pier and beam foundation. There are several warning signs that may be present and here are a few of them:
• Bowing, sinking or flexing floors
• Wood or tile floors showing damage like cracks or excessive creaking
• Cracks in sheetrock
• Doors and windows that are sticking or no longer open effortlessly

Is a Pier & Beam Foundation Good?

Even though many contractors have moved to slab foundations, there are a couple benefits that come from the older pier and beam approach. If you live in an area that has clay soil, the pier and beam foundation is a good option for stability. Also, if you do find yourself facing repairs, pier and beam foundation repairs are usually less costly.

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If you notice any of the warning signs listed above in your home, call on the foundation specialists at DuraTech Texas, LLC for help. Call us today!