What is the Best Foundation Repair Method in Tomball, TX? Signs, Inspection, Preparation for Repairs & More

Do you suspect your foundation is in trouble? You may never have had to deal with a foundation problem before and are not sure where to start. For many people, it comes as a surprise that a concrete foundation would even need repair. Where concrete foundations are durable and designed to be strong, they can develop problems especially here in Texas. Due to Texas weather and soil conditions, even a concrete foundation may run into problems. For those who do not know how to deal with or handle foundation problems, DuraTech Texas will walk you through the process on how to begin foundation repairs.

What are Signs of Foundation Issues?

As a homeowner, it is important to identify potential problems with your home’s foundation. Foundation stress or damage can be tricky to notice and is often mistaken for another problem. As foundation damage can be hard to recognize at first, here are some of the likely foundation warning signs to watch out for.
• Doors and windows appear crooked or do not fit their frame. They may also feel jammed or stuck.
• The flooring may feel uneven, slopes, or dips. Wood and tile floors develop cracks and separate.
• Cracks will form in the foundation, or in the inner or outer walls of the home.
These are some early warning sign that you have foundation problem. However when the foundation develops even bigger problems, countertops can separate from the wall or the roof will appear to dip inwards. Eventually, foundation problems can lead to total collapse of the home. Never ignore these classic warning signs of foundation damage or stress.

Get Your Foundation Checked?

If you have detected signs of foundation damage or stress, your next step is to have your foundation inspected. A professional foundation repair service will first send out an inspector. They will do a thorough inspection of the home and its foundation. They will determine if the foundation needs repair and what the problem is. A number of problems can develop, so it is important for an inspector to know what damages have occurred and the best method for repairing your home’s foundation. They will go over their findings with you and provide you a copy of their report. From there you will need to decide when to move forward with the repairs.

Prepare for Foundation Repair

If you have decided to move forward with your repairs, you will want to contact your homeowner’s insurance and see if they will cover the foundation repairs. Depending on your policy, you may get help from your insurance company. If you find the insurance doesn’t cover foundation repairs, ask your foundation repair service if they offer financing, if you find you cannot afford the repairs up front. Next, schedule to have the work done. When repairing a foundation, you do not have to move out or leave your home. There may be some excavation or even a hole may need to be dug inside your home to reach the problem area. Each foundation repair is different and the method needed for repair. However, the details of the repair should have been discussed and agreed on by this time. As the homeowner, don’t hold back on the questions you may have. It is best to avoid surprises, so feel free to ask about your foundation repairs and what that may include.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If you need help beginning foundation repairs, contact DuraTech Texas and start the process of your foundation inspection and repairs today.