How Do You Fill a Void Under Concrete Slab Caused By Erosion, Drought, Pressure or Settling in Huntsville, TX?

It can be discouraging when you find out that the foundation that is supposed to support your home is damaged due to a void beneath it. These voids can happen for a number of different reasons and can lead to expensive repairs. The solution to the problem is going to depend on the extent of the damage and what caused it. Duratech Foundation is here to talk about the cause of voids under slab foundations and what needs to be done to fix them.

What Causes Voids Under Concrete Slabs?

There are several different causes for a void found under a slab foundation. Here are some of the most common reasons they happen.
– Soil Erosion: Soil erosion is one of the most common reasons voids develop underneath a slab foundation. If there is excess water around the foundation, or excess water is washing away rock and dirt that is there to support the foundation, it can leave it compromised. This often happens as a result of a plumbing problem or poor drainage.
– Drought: Just like too much moisture can be a cause for concern, not enough is also concerning. The soil around the foundation will shrink if there isn’t enough moisture there. This leaves holes and gaps where the foundation isn’t getting the support it needs.
– Hydrostatic Pressure: When there is a great deal of hydrostatic pressure building up because the water isn’t draining properly, the foundation will often start to crack and have issues.
– Settling: When a home is built, the soil beneath the slab foundation has been worked and prepared with compaction before the building process happens. It this wasn’t done properly; it can lead to settling that will leave gaps under the foundation.

How Do You Fill Voids Under a Concrete Slab?

When a void is discovered under a slab foundation, there are a few different methods that can be used to fix it depending on the severity of the issue.
– Foam Injection: Erosion is often solved with the use of foam injection to fill in that space between the soil and foundation. Polyurethane foam is used as it is high density and will expand to fill in the void. It has the ability to fill in any cracks and defects caused by the void as well.
– Sectional Repair: With this method, portions of the foundation that have been damaged are broken off and removed so that there is access to the exact area that needs fixing. That space is then filled with sand and compacted before getting filled in with concrete to finish the job.
– Mudjacking: Using a cement slurry, mudjacking injects this concrete and sand mixture to fill in the space that is found beneath the foundation. However, it can be difficult to know if it has effectively filled the void and can make plumbing repairs in the future difficult.

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