What Does it Mean when a House is Leveled in Stafford, TX? How Serious is Foundation Settling & More

Do you notice the floors in your home bows or doesn’t feel flat? This is a common sign that your foundation is having a problem. A foundation can become unleveled, which puts stress on the entire home’s structure. When the foundation is no longer level it will need to be corrected. This will involve identifying the reason why the foundation is not level and then seeking the right solution. DuraTech Texas, LLC will share what it means for a house to be leveled and what problems can affect the foundation.

How Serious is Foundation Settling?

One of the primary reasons why a foundation will no longer be leveled is due to settling. The ground or soil the foundation is built on will settle and it will lead to some changes in the foundation. It is normal for small cracks to develop and slightly affect the leveling of the foundation. Settling can also become a major problem and impact the foundation. There are certain elements that trigger the soil to settle too much. One of the worst elements that can trigger too much shifting or settling in the soil is water. Water can come from rain, broken pipe, and irrigation system. When the soil becomes too saturated it causes the soil to swell which puts pressure on the foundation. When the soil dries out it contracts in and shrinks. When the soil shrinks the foundation is not evenly supported which is why you will get an unlevel foundation. The shrinking can occur in random areas in the soil which is why you may get a bowl affect in the middle of your floor. Minor settling often doesn’t affect the foundation too badly, but sometimes the settling will become a major issue where you will need to seek foundation repair.

What are the Main Types of Foundations?

In Texas there are two major types of foundations used to build a home. The most common and popular is the concrete slab foundation. The second is a base and block foundation where the foundation is up off of the ground and held up with concrete or steel beam or blocks. Both foundations can develop problems and become unleveled. Depending on which type of foundation you have, the repair will be different.

How Do You Level an Uneven Foundation?

When a home’s foundation is not level there are many ways to deal with the problem. As each home’s foundation problems are unique, it is important to find the right repair method. When leveling a foundation it is also important to know that a foundation is not actually perfectly level. However, it is important to get the foundation as level as possible. Depending on what has occurred underneath a concrete foundation, repairing the foundation may involve slabjacking which is when a cement or polymer base resin is injected underneath the foundation to help raise and support the affected areas. In more severe cases, piers or beams are used to support the foundation. A base and block home may need to be shimmed and the supporting block readjusted to properly support the foundation.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If your foundation is not level, it is worth investigating. For foundation inspections and repairs, contact DuraTech Texas, LLC today.