Slab Foundation Repair Near Me in Richmond, TX; Advantages & Disadvantages of Concrete Slabs

Slab foundations are one of the most popular types of foundation in many parts of Texas. Since we see hot summers and pretty mild winters, slab foundations are able to adapt quite easily to the change in temperature. However, just because we see that mild weather here in Texas, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from foundation problems. There are still problems that arise with slab foundations. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about can be done when you are facing problems with your slab foundation.

Are Slab Foundations Any Good?

There are many benefits that come when you have a slab foundation. Here are some of the main advantages of slab foundations.
– Foundation Cost: When compared to the other types of foundations available to you, slab foundations are going to be more cost effective. Because there is no crawlspace and additional materials that are needed to construct it, it won’t cost as much. Without a crawlspace, you can plan on paying less for heating and cooling costs as well.
– Foundation Construction Time: It doesn’t take nearly as long to construct a slab foundation when compared to other types of foundations. It can be poured in as little as one day and completely finished in no more than four days.
– Less Pests with Slab Foundation: You won’t see near as many pest problems with a slab foundation that doesn’t have a crawlspace. There are many insects and wildlife that prefer the dark and damp spaces that crawlspaces create.

Disadvantages of Slab Foundation

Just like anything else, where there are benefits, there are also negatives to having a slab foundation.
– No Crawl Space Storage: Many people like the storage that you get when you have a crawlspace. You won’t have that with a slab foundation.
– Plumbing is Under Foundation: The plumbing is located underneath the slab foundation and can create problems for homeowners. If there is ever a plumbing problem, a jackhammer will be needed to break into the slab and find out what is going on. Plumbing leaks are also a big cause for foundation trouble when you have a slab foundation.
– Slab Foundation Cracks: Cracks can be a normal thing with slab foundations. When there are temperature changes, soil changes, lack of reinforcement, poorly mixed concrete or other problems, you are faced with big issues.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

When you are facing any problems with your slab foundation, it is important that you work to get them fixed right away. You can rely on the foundation experts at DuraTech Texas to help you get your slab foundation fixed in no time. We have the specialized training to find any leaking or drainage issues that could be the problem. We can ensure your home has the support it needs to stand strong from years to come when you turn to us for your foundation repair issues. There are several reasons you may be having slab foundation issues and we can solve them all. Call us today!