What Causes Foundation Settlement & How Do You Fix Common Foundation Problems in Friendswood, TX?

Only when something is wrong is when homeowners invest any effort into learning anything about the foundation. Typically, a sturdy beginning to a home or commercial structure is the foundation, but it can develop problems. We at Dura-Tech Texas LLC would like to help provide more awareness to the foundation by giving our readers a crash course on your home’s foundation.

What are Signs of Foundation Issues?

Because signs of foundation problems are often subtle in their early stages, it is important to periodically inspect your home, both inside and outside. You need to take note of cracked or bowing walls in addition to sticking windows and doors. When the foundation is visibly sinking you need an inspection for the foundation as well.

Common Causes of Foundation Settlement?

The house rests on the foundation and the foundation is fixed on the ground. Only as stable as the ground upon which it is built is your home’s foundation. The ground beneath the foundation is made up of different layers of soil and the soils has its own properties such as moisture content, density and material type. Though extremely dry or wet weather can cause foundation problems, time also will play a role. Layers of soil can consolidate over the years which leads the foundation of your home to settle and crack. Being anywhere from a few inches to hundreds of feet below the surface, competent load-bearing soil or solid bedrock; it depends on your home’s exact geographic location. An improperly prepared soil base can also cause foundation problems, particularly in homes with slab foundations. Because of the varying soil types, foundations built on land may also suffer from settlement issues.

What Will a Foundation Repair Contractor Ask?

When you call a foundation repair company, know the age of your house, and if possible, any relevant history. Something the professionals should know is any cracks and whether or not they have gotten larger. If in the event you have dealt with water issues on your property, this information should be relayed to the company.

On Site Foundation Inspection

The professional should always come to your home in order to complete the inspection and estimate. Though experts may start to get a general idea, that foundation problems cannot be diagnosed over the phone. To ensure you ask any questions you may have or relay any concerns, call in the professionals to inspect your foundation.

How to Reduce Foundation Settlement

There are few things you can do in order to minimize the risk of settlement problems. Any water that flows where it should not is your home’s enemy. To be certain they are in good shape and free of debris, maintain your gutters and downspouts. It should also be noted with any landscaping and changes in the grade of your property. Trees and plants can alter the soil’s grade as they grow and route water too close to the foundation. Trees, red tipped shrubs such as hollies, and crepe myrtles are best kept at a distance from your home since they require too much moisture from the foundation.

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