How Serious are Foundation Cracks, Uneven Floors & Other Signs of Sinking Foundations in Pasadena, TX?

The quality and longevity of a home is determined by the foundation. A good foundation will ensure a strong and long lasting home. Most people assume the home’s foundation is indestructible. However, that is far from the truth. The foundation is strong as long as the soil pad that the foundation is laid on is strong. Soil can settle and shift over time which can lead to a number of different foundation problems, including sinking. Yes, the foundation can sink. It is important to detect when the foundation begins to sink so you can seek help before much bigger problems occur. Duratech Texas LLC will share some of the common signs that your foundation is sinking and how a sinking foundation can be repaired!

How Serious are Foundation Cracks?

One of the first and most obvious signs the foundation may be sinking is foundation cracks. You may see cracks along the side of the foundation outside the home or even inside the home. Many homeowners will discover large cracks on their foundation when replacing flooring. However, you may have foundation cracks due to a settling foundation which is less of a problem than a sinking foundation. It is normal for the soil pad to settle and shift a little bit over time which will cause the foundation to develop cracks. A professional foundation contractor can come and inspect the cracks in the foundation. They can often determine if the foundation is sinking by the location, size and direction of the cracks. If you see cracks inside and outside along your home’s foundation it is worth having the cracks inspected to ensure your foundation is not sinking.

Cracks in Ceilings & Walls Inside the Home

Another common sign that your home’s foundation is sinking is when you can see cracks inside the home. When a foundation sinks often cracks will form around the door and window frames and along the walls. Cracks occur when the foundation begins to sink on one side which puts stress on the wall. The frames around the doors and windows are often the weaker points of the wall which is why cracks tend to start near the doors and windows. When you have signs of stress cracks occurring around the door, windows and along the wall, you most likely have a sinking foundation.

Do Sticking Doors Mean Foundation Problems?

When a foundation begins to sink, cracks will not form right away. However, you will notice the windows and doors may become a bit sticky and hard to open and close properly. Over time the doors and windows may begin to look crooked. When the doors and windows begin to become crooked or sticky you may want to have your foundation inspected.

Uneven Concrete Floors

When a foundation sinks it will not all sink at the same time. There will be sections or one section of the foundation affected. This means the foundation will become uneven. You can place a level on the floor and clearly see the foundation is bowing or leaning. When the foundation or floor not level, your foundation might be sinking.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

When you have signs of a sinking foundation, the foundation can be repaired and saved with foundation repairs such as piering. When you have a sinking foundation or are experiencing other foundation problems, contact Duratech Texas LLC today.