What are the Main Signs of Foundation Problems in Spring, TX & What Happens if You Ignore?

Cracking or bulging walls are the most obvious signs of foundation issues. Uneven floors or doors that stick or don’t close properly are the other warning signs you should be aware of. You need to contact a professional if you notice anything unexpected and pay attention to any changes in your home’s structure. DuraTech Texas offers helpful tips below.

Structural Changes to a Home

Such changes can include the following:
– The foundation has visible cracks
– Floors or walls are uneven
– Mold growth/ water damage
– Between walls and floors there are gaps
– Doors and windows do not close correctly

What Happens if You Ignore Foundation Problems?

It can be extremely disruptive to your home and lead to various consequences when you experience foundation problems. When foundations are not properly cared for, many things can occur, from structural damage to health risks.
1) Structural Damage. They can cause serious damage to the structure of your home if foundation issues are left unaddressed. Collapsed walls and roofs are the more serious issues that can develop from cracks in the walls and floors.
2) Collapsing risks or Other Safety Hazards. The risk of collapse or other safety hazards can increase with the presence of foundation issues. It can be incredibly dangerous if the foundation is unstable, it can easily give way and cause a collapse.
3) Spike in Energy Costs. As the structure of your home may need to be more efficient, foundation issues can also lead to increased energy costs. Leading to increased energy bills are cracks and gaps can cause air to escape.
4) Property Value Decreases. As the damage or risk of collapse may put potential buyers off, foundation issues can also lead to a decrease in your property value.
5) Repairs are Expensive. Foundation issues can be incredibly expensive to repair. The costs of repairs can quickly add up since professional help is often needed.

Causes of Foundation Problems

From shifting or settling soil to poor construction, foundation issues can be caused by various factors. You can take steps to prevent them, it is important to understand the causes of foundation issues.
1) Soil Conditions. Your foundation is greatly impacted by the soil beneath your home. The foundation can shift and eventually collapse by poor drainage, flooding, or settling. If the soil underneath your home is too wet, it can cause the foundation to sink and eventually collapse for example.
2) Weather Conditions. Depending on the region you live in, as they can lead to shifting or settling soil, extreme weather conditions can also cause foundation issues. The soil may expand and contract, leading to cracks and other issues regions that experience extreme temperatures for instance.
3) Poor Techniques or Materials in Construction. Foundation issues come from poor construction techniques or materials. The foundation may need to be stronger and more durable if shoddy workmanship or inferior materials are used, for example.

How to Prevent Foundation Problems

To help you avoid costly and dangerous repairs in the future, properly maintaining and caring for your home’s foundation is essential. Below some tips on how to prevent foundation issues.
– Proper preparation & site selection.
– Construction techniques and materials are of high-quality.
– The foundation gets regular maintenance and inspection.

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