What Causes the Most Damage to Structural Foundations & How to Fix in Humble, TX?

The soil makeup is the primary cause of foundation issues. It’s not great for building on though the rich black dirt is excellent for growing crops. there is expansive clay soil in other regions. It causes movement under buildings, causing the foundations to crack and heave when moisture is introduced the soil and it expands. Doors and windows sticking, water damage, leaning chimneys, and cracks in the brick and walls are common foundation issues. Today, we at DuraTech Texas would like to discuss common causes and solutions of foundation problems.

Condition of Soil

To help lessen the expansion and contraction, you can condition the soil to a degree. You can enhance the building’s stability by improving the soil’s stability. This is an additional cost to the building project and will add time and can’t guarantee you won’t experience any issues down the line. Getting a geotechnical engineer to assist with the project is the best way to understand what type of soil you are working with. You can better understand what kind of soil you have and what might help your situation. Every area differs and the soil makeup is different. To ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again, foundation repair companies will often get the soil tested to understand better what would be best for the foundation repair as well.

Poor Soil Drainage

A big part of foundation issues as well is soil drainage. To prevent erosion, you must have your roof and the surrounding area drain properly. Causing a collapse, poor drainage could lead to the soil being washed away under the foundation. If you have spaces around your home with excessive spill-off from the roof, a professional should check out. Be sure to fill that back in and put back the support that the foundation needs if you see that the soil has been washed away. your foundation has issues, and you believe it is due to poor drainage, you need to hire a pro for repairs.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes that are leaking often go unnoticed, which leads to water pooling, similar to the drainage problem. It can lead to the expansion of the soil and cause heaving, or the water can wash away the soil under the foundation. A moving foundation means that there will be issues in any case. You will need to repair the leak with a plumber and once the leak is fixed, you will need a foundation expert.

Intrusive Tree Roots

You can keep that hot Texas sun out, trees cast shade on our homes. However, tree roots can negatively impact driveway, sidewalks, water pipes, and even your foundation. Tree roots of certain types of creep under the house and damage the foundation bricks or the concrete slab. You must choose trees that don’t have an invasive root issue when choosing trees as a result. A professional foundation repair expert can locate the roots and make the repairs.

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