Do Uneven Floors Mean there is a Foundation Problem in Mission Bend, TX?

When you read about signs of a foundation problem, you will often see “uneven” floors as one of the signs. But, is uneven floors really a sign of major foundation problems? Uneven floors often includes buckling, sloping and sinking floors. If you have areas in your home where the floors are not even, this could be a sign of serious foundation problems. DuraTech Texas would like to share what an uneven floor can mean for your home’s foundation.

Do Uneven Floors Mean Foundation Problems?

A foundation of a home, is like the spine of the body. The foundation supports the entire structure. When the foundation develops a problem, the entire home will also be impacted. In some cases, uneven flooring can be due to warped or damaged joists. However for concrete slabs, uneven flooring can only be due to the foundation. Where there is no perfectly level foundation, certain leveling problems are due to a foundation problem. Some of the reasons why a foundation will develop problems that lead to uneven flooring are:
• Poorly Graded Land – When laying a foundation, the first step is grading the land to ensure the foundation is supported properly. If the grading wasn’t done properly, rainwater often pools toward the foundation eroding the very ground that supports the foundation.
• Poor Construction – When a construction site is rushed, sometimes the development of the foundation is poorly put together. If pier and beam and other footings are not properly constructed, the entire foundation will be poorly built.
• Shifting Soil – Soil and the ground the foundation is built upon will naturally shift a little bit and is normal. However, there are some other elements that can cause major shifting. Moisture is one of those elements that can cause the soil to shift a lot. Moisture or dry spells cause soil to expand and contract which leads to soil shifting.
• Flooding – Flooding can cause major problems to the foundation. During an intense storm much of the grading can be washed away, leading to sudden and major foundation problems.

Should I Worry About Uneven Floors?

When a foundation is uneven, this will often result in the foundation being effected. When the grading or the land that supports the foundation has been affected, the foundation will buckle, sink and more. When the foundation is uneven the foundation will need to be repaired. Yes, a foundation can be repaired. Leveling a foundation has a number of different methods. Depending on the needs of the foundation, we may find the foundation needs piling or piers that support the foundation. Another method can help repair sinking or bowling sections of the floors to help raise and repair the uneven flooring. When it comes to repairing a foundation, the first step is to inspect the foundation. A foundation inspector will need to locate which part of the foundation is being affected and also determine the cause of the foundation problems. Once the source and location of the foundation problem has been determined, the repair plans can begin.

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If you have uneven floors in your home, do not ignore them. Uneven floors is often a sign that your foundation is in need of repairs. For foundation inspections and repairs, contact DuraTech Texas today.