Importance of Strong Foundations in Willis, TX & How Do I Know if I Need Emergency Foundation Repair?

Most homeowners never give their foundation much thought. In fact, most people never consider that a foundation can develop problems or even need to be maintained or repaired. However, like any other part of a home, the foundation needs proper care and attention. To better understand the needs of a foundation, DuraTech Texas would like to share more about foundations, their maintenance and repair needs.

What to Know About a Foundation

A foundation is a structure that supports the entire home and makes up the floors of a home. A foundation serves a number of different functions. A sturdy foundation will keep the home level, insulated as well as protect the home from erosion. When it comes to a foundation, there are three major types of foundation which are:
• Concrete Slab Foundations
• Crawl Space Foundations
• Basement Foundations
As the name suggests, a concrete slab foundation sets on the ground. A crawl space foundation is your pier and beam or your block and base foundation that sets up off the ground and has crawl spaces. A basement foundation is when you have a basement. Each foundation is designed differently and will, of course, have their own maintenance and repair needs.

Importance of a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation is very important and should not be taken for granted. A foundation must support the entire weight of the home and everything inside. A good foundation must also prevent the home from shifting or settling and becoming un-leveled. A foundation must also help protect the rest of the home from the environment. As moisture, pests and the other elements that can come in from the ground and enter or damage your home, the foundation is your home’s protective barrier. As the foundation plays such a major role in the entire home’s overall health it is important to maintain and seek repairs as soon as problems develop.

How Do I Know if I Need Foundation Repair?

When a foundation begins to develop problems, a homeowner should quickly seek a professional inspection to determine the foundation repair needed. Some of the common signs to watch for are:
• Doors and Windows that are Stuck or Malfunctioning
• Cracks in the Foundation
• Sagging, Sloping or Uneven Floors
• Foundation Appearing to be Sinking
• Countertops Pulling Away From the Walls
These are some of the classic signs of foundation problems that need to be addressed quickly. As a homeowner, it is important to know what to watch for to better monitor the health of your foundation. When your home begins to develop some of these common signs, you will first want to contact a foundation repair service. They will first send out an inspector. They will evaluate the condition of your foundation and determine how to repair the foundation. There are a number of different methods of repairing the various types of foundations. Once the repairs are complete, your home will once again have a strong foundation.

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A foundation is very important to the entire home and the safety of the household. If you believe your foundation is developing some of these problems and you need a foundation inspection or repairs, contact DuraTech Texas today.