Is Spalling Concrete a Structural Slab Foundation Problem in New Waverly, TX? You Can You Tell, Repair & More

A failing foundation is frequently the cause of concrete spalling. Though foundation problems are the likely culprit, a professional foundation repair specialists needs to inspect the foundation to know for sure. Today, we at DuraTech Texas would like to discuss concrete spalling issues that points towards foundation problems and the steps taken to repair the foundation.

Basics of Concrete Spalling

The loose, flaking, or crumbling concrete on your slab foundation and/ or perimeter walls references concrete spalling. This is actually an early warning sign that there is a foundation problem.

How Can You Tell if Concrete is Spalling?

Select a day with nice weather to give your foundation a close check. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs while doing your inspection:
– When you touch them, pieces of concrete that brush away easily.
– Flakes or specks of concrete in the soil surrounding your home.
– With a brick foundation, there is cracked masonry.
– Spreading across your foundation, there is grayish coating.
– Exposed rebar
If you notice any of these signs of unstable or crumbling foundation elements, call in a pro as soon as possible. To get to the root of the problem, an inspection needs to be done. Once complete, the inspection will review the issues and the experts will detail the problems along with estimates to get the problem resolved.

Other Signs of Foundation Problems

As mentioned, just one of the early warning signs of a failing foundation is spalling. Other signs may include:
– Windows or doors are challenging to open or close: this issue is also accompanied with cracks in the surrounding frames.
– Floors are slanted or uneven: the foundation beginning to break apart and sink into the earth causes this floor issue.
– Interior corners are not square any more: use a carpenter’s square and see if the walls in your rooms align at a 90-degree angle to detect this problem. Your foundation might be in trouble if they don’t.

Foundation Repair Method

Step # 1 – Foundation Inspection: The build period technology, age of the structure, and original workmanship are considered during the inspection phase. Generally, if there is any evidence of settlement or loss of component value is determined in the process. Experts will determine if there is foundation fault or failure and provide the property owner based upon data and calculation gathered from the inspection.
Step # 2: Foundation Repair Project Design: With the calculations, details, and information regarding the issue and the necessary repairs to remedy any foundation fault or failure. Typically, using cost efficient methods, all project plans are designed.
Step # 3 – Foundation Repair Review & Approval: Most professionals have a service agreement that list project details and the project schedule for the property owner. Once there is a signed agreement, the materials are ordered, and the experts prepare for the project.
Step #4 – Foundation Repair: The team will arrive on site and get to work on the project at hand to get the foundation repaired efficiently.
Step # 5 – Foundation Walkthrough: Once the project is completed it is evaluated by the client to ensure satisfaction.

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If you notice concrete spalling or other indicators the foundation needs repair in Houston, Texas, call DuraTech Texas and let us assist you!