How Does Soil Erosion Affect a Building Foundation in Texas City, TX & How to Keep Soil from Eroding?

As strong as foundations may seem, they are still prone to damages and issues. Some of the common foundation problems can be cracking, sinking, shifting, and becoming severely un-leveled. Most foundation damages or problems occur when the under soil, or also known as the grade, becomes disturbed by high levels of moisture or water. To prevent small or major foundation problems you will want to protect the foundation grading. DuraTech Texas LLC would like to share how to prevent soil erosion and other problems that occur from water exposure.

How Does Soil Erosion Affect a Building Foundation?

Soil that the foundation sits on must be stable in order for the foundation to be stable and strong. In Texas, soil erosion is a major problem. We can get heavy rains that over saturates the soil. The water can run underneath the foundation and begin eroding the soil right from under the foundation. As the soil erodes away the foundation is not supported and the foundation will crack under the weight of the house. Soil erosion can be unpredictable on how or where the soil will be affected, which is why the foundation can suffer from a number of different problems. This is why it is important to prevent soil erosion.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion

To prevent soil erosion, homeowners need to think about how to keep water away from the foundation. There are a number of drainage systems that have already been put in place. A homeowner will only need to maintain them and keep the health of the grading in mind. One of these drainage systems are gutters. Many homes will have gutters that collect and direct the rain water away from the house and its foundation. It is very important to maintain the home gutters to ensure that rain water is directed away from the home. As a homeowner, it is important to keep the gutters clean to prevent clogs and blockages. Leaks or damaged gutters should also be quickly repaired or replaced. A healthy gutter system will promote a healthier foundation.

Will a French Drain Prevent Soil Erosion?

Another important drainage system is a French drain, channel or a surface drain. These drainage systems are put in place to ensure the ground level, when exposed to water, is properly drained away from the foundation. Not all homes will have a ground level drainage system. Nevertheless, they can help and are recommended. Those homes that are in a flood zone may want to consider having a ground level drainage system put in place to help protect your home from flash floods.

Landscaping Can Reduce Soil Erosion

Another major consideration homeowners need to think about is the landscaping. Trees and large shrub roots can cause soil erosion if they are planted too close to the foundation. Irrigation systems also need to be carefully considered. You do not want your irrigation system soaking your home’s foundation grading. You will want the water to not soak the first one to two feet around the foundation.

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These are some steps a homeowner can take to ensure their foundation’s soil is protected from erosion. For those who find that they need foundation repairs, contact DuraTech Texas, LLC today.