How to Avoid Needing Foundation Repair in Channelview, TX; Inspections to Identify Problems

Foundation maintenance usually involves keeping relatively constant moisture levels in the soil around the house when it comes to homes located in Houston, TX. To prevent damage and ensure your foundation will last for decades, just as it is supposed to, controlling potential volumetric changes that may occur due to variations in the soil moisture content is the only way since any type of foundation could suffer early failure due to expansive clay soil. You can avoid some foundation issue with some simple steps. Today, we at Duratech Texas would like to offer some recommendations.

Identify Foundation Problems

The first indicators of potential foundation failure are specific concerns, such as concrete spalling and/or cracks that may occur in different areas of your foundation and/or home. If you notice any cracks developing in different home components or an area of your foundation has become brittle and started to flake off, do not brush it off. You can prevent water and moisture from penetrating deeper into the structure and causing further damage by catching and fixing concrete spalling, cracks, or other problems early. It’s best to call in a professional to investigate the issue further. Maintaining the ground around your foundation moisture throughout the year is the easiest way to prevent foundation damage since concrete spalling and cracks often arise from expansive clay soil that has dried out.

Remove Any Standing Water from Foundation

Too much water pooling near your home could lead to numerous structural issues down the road while keeping the soil around your home evenly moist can help you avoid a series of foundation problems. This is because most foundations are made of concrete, which is a porous material that easily absorbs water and moisture. The land around your foundation should be graded to direct rainwater away from your home to make certain this doesn’t happen. This will prevent the soil underneath your foundation from becoming excessively wet. You might need to regrade your yard every few years to maintain a proper slope around your home. A few more things you can do to avoid foundation problems due to excess water in addition to maintaining proper grading include using the right downspout system, cleaning your gutters twice a year, and installing an additional drainage system.

Foundation Water Leak Repair

Fortunately, exposed pipes let homeowners notice leaks easily. They can also see and fix the root cause of the problem of they can see the problem. However, hidden plumbing can be more challenging to spot and repair leaks. A few signs that indicate a leak include musty smells and mold on your interior or exterior walls. Monitoring your water meter’s low-flow indicator can also help you discover water leaks. First, you need to turn off all water-using appliances, such as faucets, dishwasher, washing machine, sprinklers, soaker hoses, and so forth. Next check the low-flow indicator, is typically shaped like a small triangle or star. You have a leak if it moves. Another good indicator that you have a leak in your plumbing system is having spiked water bills.

Root Barriers for Plants Growing Next to Foundation

Making sure that no roots are growing into your foundation is imperative to avoid the problems they could cause, particularly during the hotter summer months. To prevent roots from encroaching on your foundation and sewer line, installing root barriers is an effective way.

Conduct Foundation Inspections Regularly

You can catch foundation problems early with inspections twice a year. Look for things like sagging roof areas, small or large cracks, bowing walls, tilting home elements, and door/window frames that look like they no longer fit inside wall openings when walking around your property. If you have a pier and beam foundation, make sure that you inspect the interior of your home and your crawlspace.

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