Causes of Foundation Movement Issues in Crosby, TX; Dirt Pad Problems, Older Homes, Poor Drainage & More

The foundation is a major component of any home. Unfortunately, a home’s foundation can develop some major problems that can compromise the integrity of the entire home. DuraTech Texas, LLC will share some of the common foundation problems as well as what causes them to help you avoid them or atl east detect them sooner rather than later if they are unavoidable.

What Can Go Wrong with Foundation Dirt Pad?

The home’s foundation can become damaged due to a number of different reasons. Understanding how a foundation can develop damage helps you to understand how foundations are built. Most foundations are built on a dirt pad that needs to be properly graded. The dirt or soil used for the foundation padding varies and depending on the type of soil used, different problems can occur.
• Sandy Soil – Sandy soil is a soil type that is more predictable because water will pass through rather than being absorbed. Sandy soil density remains the same even when the soil is wet or dry. Due to this feature of sandy soil, it is much more stable and less foundation damage occurs.
• Clay Soils – Clay soil is a combination of clay and silt that doesn’t make a great pad for a foundation. Clay soil absorbs water and the soil will begin to shift. As the under pad shifts it will cause the foundation to crack, concave, and heave. The clay soil can also shrink and major gaps can develop underneath the foundation.
• Sandy Loam Soil – Sandy loam soils tend to be a very stable soil that hardly changes even when exposed to high levels of moisture. When a home is built on sandy loam soil, it is rare for major foundation damage to occur. However, the soil padding can erode and therefore, the weight of the foundation can cause future problems.

Foundation Issues are Common in Older Homes

Another source of foundation damage is simply the effects of time. Often older homes will have foundation damage such as cracks and heaves. The foundation’s strength relies on the size of the beams that are present. Older homes often used smaller and fewer beams which will make the home less stable. Older homes with poor beam design will have far more foundation damages.

Can Poor Drainage Cause Foundation Issues?

One major contributor to foundation damage is a poor drainage system. When the foundation’s under pad becomes over saturated, it will cause the soil to shift and degrade. A foundation’s pad must have a good drainage system to prevent over saturation of the soil underneath the foundation. Often foundation damage occurs when there is a poor drainage system.

Foundation Inspections, Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

When we are called to a home, we will conduct an on-site inspection of the foundation for damages. Some of the damages we will look for include cracks, erosion, heaves, and also a concave roof or slanting door or walls. If these damages are discovered, we formulate and present a custom plan to repair your foundation. Contact Dura-Tech Texas, LLC today to schedule a foundation repair inspection, consultation and solution today!