How Do I Know if My Concrete Slab is Sagging or Settling? Can a Sinking Foundation Be Fixed in Houston, TX?

As a homeowner it is important to see to all of the needs of your home. A homeowner will typically tend to their window, door, wall, and even roof repairs. However, often the foundation is never considered. Many homes have a concrete slab foundation that seems strong and durable, so why would it require maintenance? It can be a big surprise not only to learn that foundations can develop cracks, but they can even begin to sink. DuraTech Texas, LLC will share signs of a sinking foundation, and how it can be repaired.

Basement or Slab Foundation

To know and understand how a foundation can sink, as a homeowner you need to know your foundation. Home contractors can vary as to how they design and construct their foundations. However, most foundations are either a slab or are basement based. Depending on the type of foundation you have, will determine how they can be repaired.
• Slab Foundation – A slab foundation is made of concrete that has been poured onto a prepared soil padding. The shape and size of the slab will border the interior of the home and is designed to withstand the weight of the house that will be built on it.
• Basement Foundation – A basement foundation is a marriage of a slab foundation that has a below grade area. A contractor will dig out the area for the foundation and place support beams if necessary. The concrete is then laid down which serves as the basement floor.

How Do I Know if My Concrete Slab is Sinking?

If your slab or basement foundation is sinking, often the sinking occurs very slowly which makes it hard to detect. However, once sinking occurs, it is important to seek foundation repairs. As a homeowner, you will need to know the signs of a sinking foundation to know when to seek help. If you detect a sinking foundation, you can contact a foundation repair contractor like DuraTech Texas, LLC to conduct a thorough inspection and tell the homeowner as to whether or not their foundation is sinking. Following are some of the common signs of a sinking foundation:
• Sagging or Concaved Floors
• Doors or Door Jams Sagging
• Cracks in the Floor or Foundation
• Wall Cracks
• Jammed or Crooked Windows

How Do You Fix a Sinking Foundation?

When a home’s foundation is proven to be sinking, a foundation repair contractor can come out and help repair your foundation. There are different ways to repair a sinking foundation and often it involves piers. There are different types of piers and which one that is used will depend on the type of foundation you have and how and why the foundation is sinking. Following are the different types of piers used to correct a sinking foundation.
• Steel Piers – A steel pier is drilled into the ground about 100 feet or until it hits bedrock. They are then attached to the home’s foundation to help lift and level the foundation and provide long term support.
• Heliacal Piers – A heliacal pier is much like a giant screw that is twisted into the ground. These piers are used when bedrock or solid soil isn’t near the home’s foundation.
• Spot Piers – Spot piers are mostly used for lighter porches and walkways as they are limited in the weight of the foundation they can support.

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If you are seeing some of the signs that your foundation may be sinking and needs help, contact DuraTech Texas, LLC today.