How Does Weather & Temperature Affect a Foundation in League City, TX? Cracking & Other Damage

When homeowners think about their home’s foundation and the weather, they don’t usually put those two things together. However, your home’s foundation is greatly affected by the weather. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise since we know that the weather can have an impact on nearly every part of our lives. It is important that homeowners understand the impact that weather can have on their foundation so that if there are any problems that come up, they are ready for them. Duratech Texas is here to explain how your foundation is affected by the weather.

The Weather & Its Impact on Your Foundation

Weather can be finicky. One day it might be perfectly sunny and pleasant; the next day might hold nothing but high winds and heavy rain. You never know what you’re going to get. We also have no control over the weather and its impact as well. When it comes to your home’s foundation, it is important to understand how certain types of weather can affect it.
– Excessive Rain: If there are long periods of time where rain is falling in excessive amounts, it can start to cause problems for your foundation. This is because as the soil is more and more saturated by the moisture, it can put pressure on the walls of your foundation. This can lead to cracking and serious structural damage to your home.
– Drought: While excessive rain isn’t something that you want to deal with, drought comes with its own set of problems. The soil is impacted by drought as well, just in a different way. As the soil gets drier and driers, it will start to shrink and crack. This will leave your foundation without the support that it needs. It can also lead to settling problems and cracking in the foundation.
– Freezing Temperatures: Since we don’t get too much as far as freezing temperatures go here in Texas, freezing temperatures can have an especially negative affect on foundations. When the soil freezes it starts to expand because of the moisture content. It can lead to heaving and which can be detrimental to your foundation.
– Temperature Fluctuations: Regular expanding and contracting of the soil around your home’s foundation is never a good thing. This is what happens when there are significant temperature fluctuations in your area.

Importance of Drainage to a Foundation

Since the weather can be unpredictable at times, it is important that you have proper drainage in place to help remove some of the excess water that can damage your foundation. This will help keep the balance just right and your foundation intact.

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