What Can I Expect from Foundation Repair in Mission Bend, TX? What is the Process for Fixing Foundations?

If you have had foundation problems and have found out that the only way to get rid of those problems is foundation repair, you probably have a lot of questions about what the process is going to look like. Getting your home ready for your foundation repair will ensure the process is as smooth as possible DuraTech Texas is here to talk about what you can expect from foundation repair, and what the timeline will look like.

Foundation Repair Timeline

The first question that most homeowners have when they find out they have to have their foundation fixed is how long will the foundation last? Usually, a slab foundation repair will alst between 1-3 days before it is complete. This can be a difficult one to answer at first because it is going to depend on the home. There are several factors that come into play including:
– Type of repair method being used
– How many piers need to be set
– The location of the foundation damage
– How much excavation is needed for the repair

How to Prepare Your Home for Foundation Repairs

There are some things you can do in your home to get ready for foundation repair. You should certainly talk to your project manager to see what specific things they would like you do to, but here is a list of some basic preparations.
– Furniture: Move any furniture, plants or décor that could get in the way of any repairs. If you don’t want to remove them, you can always cover them with plastic covering or tarp for protection.
– Path: If there is work being done on the exterior of the home, you will want to make sure the crew has access to those areas. You may need to clear a path to make way for the equipment they will be using for the repair.
– Pets & Kids: If you have small children or pets, they will need to be kept away from the jobsite. This may mean that you need to find different arrangements for them on those days.

What is the Process for Fixing a Foundation?

There are several steps that make up the foundation repair process.
– Excavation: Wherever piers will be placed there will be excavation that needs to be completed. You can count on this being a messy part of the project.
– Installation: Once excavation is complete, the piers will need to be set. This is done with hydraulic ram to get them in the precise place they are needed.
– Leveling: Using a hydraulic jack, the foundation will then be leveled and lifted over the new piers in place.
– Clean Up: All holes that were made during the excavation will be filled in and the project will be finally cleaned up.

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