What are Some of the Obvious Signs of Pier & Beam Foundation Failure in Spring, TX? Footing Problems & More

Pier and beam foundations used to dominate home construction and design during the 1960’s. More modern homes use concrete foundations. However there is still a lot of homes with pier and beam foundations. For those with a pier and beam foundation style home, there are some foundation problems you will want to watch out for. As most pier and beam foundations are very old, it is highly likely that your foundation is in need of some repairs. DuraTech Texas will share some common pier and beam foundation problems to watch out for.

Are Pier and Beam Foundations Good?

Often people will get a pier and beam foundation mixed up with a block and base foundation. Where the two are very similar, they also have their differences. To better know what types of foundation you have, let’s break down the elements of a pier and beam foundation. A pier and beam foundation uses three major components. There is the concrete pad that is setting on the ground, next there is the concrete blocks that are on top of the concrete pads. The final component is the concrete foundation beam or beam wall. This is an outer skirt of brick or concrete with some ventilation holes or blocks. A block and base foundation is similar, but they do not use a concrete beam wall. Instead they use lighter materials to go around the perimeter of the foundation, such as aluminum, wood, or vinyl siding.

What are Common Footing & Other Problems with Foundation Piers & Beams?

When a pier and beam foundation develops problems you will mostly notice issues with your home’s floors first. Some flooring problems that are directly due to foundation problems can be bowing, sinking or sagging floors. The floor may also flex way too much when walking across the floor or in areas with heavy furniture or items. For pier and beam foundations, wood flooring or tile flooring may develop cracks or gaps. Wood floors will tend to creak a lot when the foundation develops a problem. Other common signs of foundation problems are cracks in the ceiling or walls. The dry wall will often crack in the areas where movement from the foundation has occurred. Another common problem is when the doors and windows of the home isn’t working properly. Doors may feel stuck or you will see gaps in the door as if the door was sitting on an angle. Windows may not open or close properly or require a lot of force to move.

What Do You Do if You have Foundation Problems?

If you notice your pier and beam foundation has indeed developed signs of foundation problems, your first step is to get the foundation inspected. A foundation repair service will need to come out to your home and inspect the foundation. We will evaluate the damage and plan out what it will take to repair your foundation.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

For those who have a pier and beam foundation style home, watch your foundation closely. For quality foundation repair services, contact DuraTech Texas today.