How Do You Protect a Pier & Beam Foundation from Damage that Needs Repair in Houston, TX?

Pier and beam foundations, common in many older homes and in areas with expansive soil or high moisture levels, offer a number of advantages, including accessibility to plumbing and electrical systems. However, they are also susceptible to specific types of damage. DuraTech Texas will provide some essential tips for preventing damage to pier and beam foundations, helping homeowners maintain the integrity and longevity of their homes.

How Does a Pier & Beam Foundation Work?

Before we cover prevention strategies, it is important to understand what a pier and beam foundation is. This type of foundation consists of piers usually made of concrete, steel, or wood that support beams, which in turn hold up the home. This creates a crawl space under the house, which can be beneficial but also presents unique challenges.

How Do You Prevent Pier & Beam Foundation Damage?

Maintain Consistent Soil Moisture Levels: Fluctuating moisture levels in the soil can lead to expansion and contraction, which can shift piers and beams. To prevent this, it is important to maintain consistent soil moisture. During dry periods, use soaker hoses around the foundation perimeter to prevent the soil from drying out and contracting.
Ensure Proper Drainage: Water accumulation around the foundation can lead to several problems, including rot and instability. Ensure that your property has proper drainage, with the ground sloping away from the foundation. Gutters and downspouts should direct water away from the foundation area.
Regularly Inspect and Repair Plumbing: Leaks from plumbing can cause excessive moisture in the crawl space, leading to wood rot and foundation issues. Regular inspections and prompt repairs of any plumbing issues under the home are essential.
Ventilate the Crawl Space: Proper ventilation in the crawl space helps control moisture levels, reducing the risk of wood rot and mold. Ensure that crawl space vents are not obstructed and are proper in number for the size of your home.
Inspect and Treat for Pests: Termites and other wood-destroying insects can compromise the integrity of a pier and beam foundation. Regular inspections and treatments by pest control professionals can prevent infestations.
Check and Maintain Foundation Elements: Periodically inspect the piers and beams for signs of damage, such as cracks, rot, or shifting. If damage is found, consult with a foundation repair specialist for the appropriate course of action.
Avoid Heavy Landscaping Near the Foundation: Large trees or shrubs planted close to the foundation can cause issues. Roots can grow under the foundation, leading to shifting or moisture problems. Keep heavy landscaping at a safe distance.
Regular Professional Inspections: Even with diligent maintenance, having a professional inspect your foundation periodically can catch issues you might miss and provide peace of mind.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Pier and beam foundations require a different maintenance approach compared to slab foundations. By following these essential tips, homeowners can prevent many common issues associated with this type of foundation. Regular maintenance and early intervention are key to avoiding costly repairs and ensuring the stability and longevity of your home’s foundation. Remember, when in doubt, consult with a professional to address any concerns or potential problems. For pier and beam foundation repairs and more, contact DuraTech Texas today.