Busting Foundation Repair Myths in The Woodlands, TX; Are All Cracks Serious & More

Foundation repair is a necessary aspect of homeownership that often goes overlooked until serious issues arise. Unfortunately, misinformation and misconceptions about foundation repair are all too common, causing many homeowners to make costly mistakes. DuraTech Texas would like to put the spotlight on these myths and misconceptions of foundation repair to debunk and bring more understanding to foundation repairs.

Myth 1: All Foundation Cracks Are a Sign of Serious Damage

Cracks in your foundation can be alarming and they can be a sign that your foundation is developing some major issues. However, not all cracks are created equal. Small hairline cracks can occur as a normal part of the settling process, particularly in new homes. However, larger cracks or those that are expanding could indicate a serious problem that requires immediate attention. If you are ever unsure if the cracks in your home is a more serious problem, consider asking for a foundation inspection by a professional repair service.

Myth 2: Foundation Repairs Are Always Extremely Expensive

While foundation repairs can potentially be costly, it’s a mistake to assume they always will be super expensive. The cost will vary depending on the type and extent of the damage. Early detection and repair can help reduce extensive damage and prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Myth 3: I Can Do Foundation Repair Myself

DIY is a great approach for many home improvement task, but foundation repair is not one of them. This job requires specialized tools and knowledge, as improper repairs can lead to further damage and even compromise the structural integrity of your home. Always hire a reputable service to take care of your foundation repairs.

Myth 4: Insurance Will Cover Any Foundation Repair

It is a common misconception that homeowners’ insurance will cover all foundation repairs. In reality, many policies do not cover damage due to ‘settlement,’ which is often the cause of many foundation issues. Be sure to thoroughly read through and understand your policy to see if you insurance policy will cover foundation repairs.

Myth 5: Foundation Problems Only Occur in Old Homes

While it is true that older homes may have more foundation issues due to the long term effects of settlement and wear, new homes are not immune to this problem. Poor construction, bad soil, and an improper drainage system can cause foundation issues in homes of any age.

Myth 6: All Foundation Issues Will Need to be Underpinned

Underpinning is a process of strengthening the foundation and is often perceived as the ‘go-to’ solution for any foundation issue. However, underpinning is not always necessary and can sometimes even be overkill. Each foundation problem is unique and requires its own appropriate solution. A professional evaluation will help determine the most effective repair method for your foundation’s particular situation.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Understanding the realities of foundation repair can help homeowners make the right decisions and prevent unnecessary stress and expenses. If you suspect your home may have foundation issues and you need a professional foundation inspection and/or repairs, contact Duratech Texas today.