When Can You Start Building on a Concrete Slab Foundation in League City, TX? How Long Does it Take to Cure?

As tempting as it can be to leave your handprint in fresh concrete before it dries, this isn’t something that you want to mess with when it comes to building a home on a new concrete slab. It is critical that the slab has enough time to cure completely or you could run into foundation problems with your house. Duratech Texas is here to talk about concrete slab foundations and how long you need to let them cure before the building process can begin.

How Long It Take for a Concrete Slab Foundation to Completely Cure?

If you have had concrete work done on your property, you are probably used to being able to walk on it within a day or two after it gets poured. While it is true that the concrete has solidified within a short amount of time, walking on a slab and building a house on it are two very different things. It takes quite a bit longer for a concrete slab to fully cure. Some contractors will wait 48-60 days before building can begin after a concrete slab has been poured. While this may be the length of time to ensure it is completely cured, you can start to do some work on a concrete slab up to 7 days after it gets poured. By this time, it is 75% cured.

Importance of Waiting Before Building on New Concrete?

There is good reasoning for waiting until the concrete slab is at least 75% cured before you start building your home. Here are the main reasons for waiting.
– If you are building on an uncured slab, it will be wetter and will crack more easily.
– When a slab isn’t cured all the way, it may crack as it loses that moisture during the curing process. This can put your walls and floors is a position to be effected by the cracking.
– Walls won’t adhere as well to an uncured slab.
– Painting or sealing a slab that isn’t completely cured can lead to pealing as the paint and sealant won’t bond as well.
– The concrete isn’t as strong when it isn’t completely cured and won’t be able to support the weight of the house.

On Which Factors Concrete Curing Process Depend?

The curing process can look different for every home. Here are some of the factors that play a role in the curing process.
– The size of the slab
– Water-to-Cement ratio
– Temperature outside
– Type of mix being used
– Type of sealant that is applied

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