What Type of Foundation Cracks are Bad in Galveston, TX? Horizontal, Hairline, Stair Step Cracks & More

As a homeowner, you know that there are certain house problems that you hope you never have to experience. Foundation trouble is definitely at the top of your list. Most homeowners know that foundation trouble is something that can be expensive and cause extensive damage to the house. It is important that you are keeping an eye on your house to catch foundation problems in the beginning, so you avoid some of the more costly repairs. Part of catching it early is watching for troublesome foundation cracks. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about the different foundation cracks so that you can call a professional should the need arise.

What Kind of Cracks Show Foundation Issues?

When it comes to foundation cracks, there are structural and non-structural cracks. It is important that you understand the difference. Structural cracks are going to be concerning, while non-structural cracks are more cosmetic and not as big of a concern.
– Horizontal Cracks: If you see horizontal cracks on your foundation, they are something to be concerned about. These usually indicate major structural problems. They can be caused by drainage issues and hydrostatic pressure.
– Vertical Cracks: These cracks are quite common on foundations and aren’t usually a cause for alarm. They usually form as the foundation starts to settle or shrinks during the curing process. They can allow a small amount of moisture to get in but are usually repaired using epoxy or polyurethane injections.
– Stair Step Cracks: If you have masonry or concrete block walls, stair step cracks are more common. These structural cracks are usually caused by soil movement or inadequate foundation construction. It is important to understand what is causing it so that the problem can be fixed and no more damage happens.
– Diagonal Cracks: Most of the diagonal cracks that you see on your foundation are much like vertical cracks and usually aren’t a cause for concern. If you notice that the diagonal cracks on your foundation are greater than 30 degrees, they can be more concerning. If you notice diagonal cracks, you should have them looked at by a professional.
– Hairline Cracks: While these cracks are usually small, around 1/16th of an inch, they can be a cause for concern if there are a lot of them. Another thing that you need to watch out for with hairline cracks is whether or not the cracks get larger. They are definitely something that you just want to keep an eye on if you notice them.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If you notice that you have cracks on your foundation that are a cause for concern, you can count on the professionals at DuraTech Texas to take a look at them and decipher whether or not you need to be worried. Our team of technicians have the experience needed to diagnose any foundation problems that you have as well as come up with a solution to repair them. Call us today!