What to Do if Your House Starts Sinking in Missouri City, TX? Can You Stop It & More

There are several things that can go wrong with your home as a homeowner. Some things are bigger than others, for sure, but there are a multitude of things that you are constantly trying to keep track of. One of the bigger problems that most homeowners don’t want to have to face is foundation issues. One thing that you should be aware of as a homeowner is your home and whether or not it is sinking in the ground. The last thing that you want is a sinking house. Being aware of what that looks like and what it means for your home is important. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about some of the signs of a sinking house, and what you can do about it.

What are the First Signs of Foundation Problems?

No one wants to think that their home could sink into the ground. You want to think of your home as structurally sound and a safe place to live with those you love most. However, a sinking house is something that can happen when your home isn’t built properly or the foundation is failing. Here are some signs that you are living in a sinking house:
– Cracks in walls or door frames
– Gaps around the windows and doors
– Uneven floors
– Pooling water in your basement or near the foundation wall

Can You Stop a House from Sinking?

When you find out your home is sinking, it is cause for concern, definitely. However, all is not lost. This doesn’t mean that your home is going to cease to exist. You can work to correct this problem with the right professionals. If you think that your home might be sinking, the very first thing that you should do is have your foundation inspected and verify it with the experts in the field. When you verify that you have a problem on your hands, you can work to correct it properly. Hiring the right professional to help you verify what the cause of the sinking is an important part in fixing the problem. They might give you some recommendations that include underpinning or structural anchored piers to help stabilize your home. They may also recommend putting in some drainage solutions that will help you avoid this problem in the future.

What Happens to a House with a Weak Foundation?

There are some potential risks that are involved with a sinking house that isn’t fixed. You could face a house that isn’t structurally sound, and that could lead to extensive structural damage to the house. You need to have regular inspections done, waterproofing and any other recommendations taken care of by a foundation professional.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

If you have noticed signs that your home is sinking, you can turn to Duratech Texas to help you fix it. We provide foundation repair services that will ensure your home is structurally sound and a safe place to live. Call us today!