What is the Process of Fixing a Foundation & How Long Does it Take for a Slab to Settle after Repair in Galveston, TX?

If you have decided to have your foundation repaired, most often the contractor will walk you through the process. However, they may neglect to share what can occur after the foundation has been repaired. Often foundation problems can leave the home itself in need of some repair. Foundation problems can cause drywall or walls to develop cracks, doors and windows will shift and become stuck, and flooring can also be damaged. Even though your foundation has been repaired, the consequences of the prior foundation problems haven’t been dealt with. To better understand how foundation repairs work and what you may need to do after your foundation has been repaired, DuraTech Texas will share what to expect after foundation repairs.

What is the Process of Fixing a Foundation?

Depending on your home’s foundation repair needs, the repairs may involve excavation around the foundation’s outer edge. Sometimes big or small holes will need to be cut inside the home to repair more centered foundation problems. After the repairs are complete, the contractor will repair the excavation site and any plumbing and landscaping they may have disturbed. However while a foundation is being shifted and or leveled, that will put additional strain on the existing problems such as cracks in the walls, ceiling, and floors. Doors and windows may be further set off. Leveling out the foundation will not magically repair these problems. About 70% of the cracks will come back together, but you will still have repairs to do for the cracks inside your home and repairs of doors and windows. You will have more home repairs once the foundation has been repaired.

Home Projects to Complete After a Foundation Repair

To extend the life of the home, you will need to have your foundation repaired. However, realistically your entire home will not be repaired at once. There will be residual problems that you will need to have repaired. Once your foundation has been repaired and the contractor has finished repair excavation, landscaping and other issues that occurred due to the repairs, you will now have to address the other problems. It is recommended that you make a list of repairs. Prioritize the items such as any roof damages as the foundation can affect the roof. Next, repair cracks in the walls, ceiling and floors as moisture and pests can enter the home through the cracks. After that, bring your attention to your doors and windows. Once you have made a list of your home repairs, you will want to ensure they get done to ensure the longevity and value of your home. Many homeowners believe once the foundation has been repaired, the entire home will be fine. As a homeowner it is important to know that your home will still need to have some repairs. However, you will need the foundation of the home repaired first. Many homeowners will notice problems inside the home such as the cracks and doors and windows becoming stuck. They will have these problems repaired, not realizing the foundation was the cause of these problems. If you neglect the foundation, these problems will only get worse over time. It is important to recognize foundation problems and have the foundation repaired before tackling interior problems.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Usually, if you live in a suitable environment and have a solid foundation, the amount of settlement and movement will be limited. Generally, it might take around two years internally before the building stabilizes. In most cases, a house should finish settling after a year. If you have foundation problems that need to be repaired and fast, contact DuraTech Texas today!