What is the Process for Foundation Repair in Lake Jackson, TX? Preparation, Excavation, Raising & More

When your foundation is sinking, is cracked or uneven, and needing major repairs, you may wonder what is involved. Most people wonder how we repair a home’s foundation and restored it to the proper position. It does seem like a puzzling task. Often the homeowner wonders if they need to leave the home, they ask how long it will take, and the like. To have a better understanding of foundation repair and to know what to expect, DuraTech Texas, LLC will walk you through the steps of repairing your foundation.

Preparation of the Foundation Repair Work Zone

Once it has been determined that your home needs foundation repair, and the date has been scheduled, the first step is preparing the work zone. Often the landscape around the home will need to be dealt with. Nearby plants will be covered and protected to prevent any damage to the plants. In some cases, plants may need to be removed as they are interfering with the work site. If so, the plants will be temporarily removed and replanted later. After the landscaping has been prepared, room is made for the equipment. Often small excavating equipment such as a bobcat tractor are used and will need space to work. The site is then cleared and furniture will be moved to ensure personal items are not damaged during construction.

Excavation of Foundation

Once the site has been prepped, the excavation process can begin. To access the foundation, holes and trenches will be dug out, usually along the edges and underneath the foundation. In a few rare cases a hole may be dug out from inside the home which will require the flooring to be replaced. However, in most cases the site can be accessed from outside the home. The dirt is placed on large traps to ensure none of the dirt is lost. The contractor should be very clear in the areas they will need to dig to access your home foundation and preform the needed repairs. Make sure to communicate with the foundation repair contractor if you have any concerns.

Raise a House & Repair the Foundation

Depending on the foundation’s needs, either piers or beams will be used to repair and stabilize the foundation. To bring the foundation to the correct position hydraulic jacks are used to level the foundation and hold it in place while the beams or piers are then installed. Once the beams or piers are installed, the foundation is double checked to see if it is leveled before removing the jacks. If needed, shims are used to help make the more minor adjustments and to bring the home to a more level position.

Filling the Excavation Site and Cleaning Up

Once the foundation repairs are completed, the next step is to fill in the holes and trenches. Once the holes and trenches are filled the landscaping is also repaired and any remaining debris from the construction is also cleaned up. The contractor will do everything to restore your home as it was before they arrived.

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If you have any concern about the foundation repair process or have foundation repair needs, contact DuraTech Texas, LLC today.