What Causes Damage to House Foundations in Conroe, TX? Water Plumbing Issues, Tree Roots & More

When damage occurs to your home’s foundation, you will want to get foundation repairs completed as soon as possible. There are a number of foundation repair methods that can recover an entire home. It can be a major surprise to discover your foundation needs repairs. However, there are a number of element that poses a risk that can lead to foundation damages. To help encourage homeowners to monitor their home’s foundation, Duratech Texas, LLC will share the number of different elements or risks that can lead to foundation damage.

What Causes the Most Damage to Structural Foundations?

Overwatering – Where rains can be a bit unpredictable in Texas, you must find a balance of keeping the soil saturated but not over watered. Over watering can become a major problem for a concrete slab foundation. Too much water causes the soil underneath the foundation to swell which puts pressure on the foundation that often results in cracks. You will want to keep the soil free from over watering elements such as a leaky gutter, broken sprinkler, or a leaky hose spout. Floods can occur in Texas and often homes are left with a number of damages including damage to their foundation. It is always a good idea to seek a foundation inspection after major floods that affected your home.
Plumbing Leaks – There are a number of plumbing lines that lead from inside the home into the ground and underneath the foundation. Both sewer or drainage lines lead from the foundation and out to the main sewage lines. Water supply lines also feed from the foundation. When either the drainage or water supply line develops a leak, water will begin to shift the soil underneath the foundation. Shifts can lead to foundation cracks, leaning, or sinking. This is another important reason why it is important to monitor your foundation as plumbing problems underneath the foundation can go on for years before they are detected.
Landscaping and Trees – Landscaping helps add to a home’s curbside appeal and value. However, if the landscaping is poorly planned out, they often affect the foundation. Large bushes, shrubs and tree roots can disturb the foundation soil pad or also known as grading. The roots can also break the plumbing pipe underneath the foundation. One of the major challenge of landscaping is understanding each plant’s root system, especially trees. Some roots grow straight down and the roots are small in nature. While other tree roots expand outward and down. When planting tree and large bushes or shrubs, make sure to know their root system and make sure their roots will not affect the foundation.
Poor Construction – Not every contractor provides the same quality homes. The contractor and crew at times do not prepare the ground properly before a foundation is poured. A substandard grading will lead to premature foundation problems that will affect the entire home. When constructing a home, grading the soil must be compacted properly and good soil must be brought in or used or the foundation will crack and or sink.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

There are a ton of different risk factors that can cause a foundation to need repairs. As a homeowner it helps to schedule a routine foundation inspection and seek foundation repairs as soon as a problem is detected. For quality foundation repairs, contact Duratech Texas, LLC today.