What are the Steps of Concrete Pier Foundation Repair Methods in Magnolia, TX?

When your foundation is not level or is sinking, you will need to seek foundation repairs. A foundation that has shifted, is leaning or sinking can be restored. Often a piering method is used to help level and support the foundation. One of the most commonly used piering methods is concrete pile piers. If your foundation requires piers, you may wonder how you get piers underneath your foundation. To better understand how concrete pier repair works, DuraTech Texas will break down each step of concrete pier repairs.

Construction Foundation Repair Method of Concrete Piers

Excavation: The first step of concrete pier foundation repair is excavation. The area that is affected around the foundation will be unearthed. This will expose the existing foundation and allow access to the soil beneath. Excavation is typically done by using a backhoe or an excavator. The depth and size of the excavation will depend on the condition of your foundation, its current needs and the number of piers that need to be installed.
Installation: Once the excavation is done, holes are then dug every few feet apart for the entire length of and around the foundation. The size, depth, and number of the holes will depend on where the foundation needs to be leveled and or supported as well as the type of pier being installed. A steel rebar is placed in each hole to act as the concrete pier’s anchor. Then, precast concrete piers are placed over the rebar and are set in place. The concrete piers are made from a high strength concrete that is designed to support the weight of the foundation and home.
Lifting: Once the concrete piers are installed, a hydraulic jack is used to lift the foundation up to level it. The jacks are placed on top of the piers and connect to the underside of the foundation. The jacks are then slowly activated and carefully lift the foundation to the proper height to level the foundation. The lifting process needs to be done accurately to prevent damage to the foundation.
Grouting: Once the foundation is level, the holes around the piers are filled with a type of grout that secures the piers in place and prevents them from shifting. The grout is a cement-based material that is mixed on site and then pumped into the holes around the piers. The grout will fill in all of the empty spaces around the piers and solidifies to create a strong, stable foundation.
Backfilling: The final step is to backfill all of the holes and make sure it is compacted to provide proper support for the foundation. The backfill material is typically a mixture of soil and gravel that is compacted in layers to ensure proper support. Once the backfill is done, the rest of the excavation sites are filled back in.

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Concrete piers foundation repair is a great and effective way to repair foundations that have settled or shifted due to soil movement. When you need your foundation inspected and repaired, contact DuraTech Texas today.