What are Some of the Obvious Signs of Foundation Failure in The Woodlands, TX? Cracks, House Settling & More

The key to structural integrity is your home’s foundation. They can cause everything from roof leaks, wall cracks, and broken pipes to sewer drainage backup when you have foundation issues. When the soil dries up after severe weather conditions and other circumstances, foundation problems in Houston, TX typically arise. These issues occur slowly and are sometimes difficult to detect early. There are things homeowners can do to protect their house’s foundation. It is key to recognize and detecting problems before they affect the integrity of your home’s structure. The foundations of the homes in our area to be compromised due to flooding, drought, and harsh environmental factors that can affect soil conditions. Where some signs are more obvious than others, there are some signs still that can be unnoticed simply due to their location, especially if you have an older home with a lot of older, larger trees in your yard. Below, DuraTech Texas is what every homeowner should be watching for.

When Should I Worry About My Foundation?

1) Between the individual bricks, cracks are showing in the bricks and mortar. A clear warning sign of foundation movement are cracks with a staggered or stairstep appearance. Generally, in a wall’s exposure above ground, these cracks will be noticeable. Also, they frequently begin small and grow over time.
2) In the drywall inside your home, diagonal cracks develop. Foundation problems can be attributed by the cracks that are diagonal or horizontal on your interior walls. The vertical cracks are frequently of less concern. These cracks may be due to loosened taping between sheets, not structural or foundational trouble.
3) One part of a home settles lower. Look for the clear warning signs on the home’s exterior if you suspect this has happened. If brickwork, trim, fascia board, and the home’s siding are separating, a weakened foundation may be present. The fascia connection point with your roofline or window casing may have a misalignment gap for instance.
4) When closing, interior doors do not close properly or rub against the doorframe. There is damage to the foundational structure of the house when the interior doors rub against the doorframe or do not close efficiently. Watch for first-floor doors that have alignment issues. In the below-ground foundation of the home, deeper problems could exist.

How Do You Inspect Foundation Problems?

Get a foundation quality inspection if you recognize any of these signs. A professional can identify the sources of the foundation problem and ensure it is properly repaired for long-term results. Not only can a damaged foundation present costly problem, but it can eventually become hazardous. When you first notice any kind of foundation related issues, you need to immediately contact a pro.

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