Should I Build Up Good Soil Around Foundation to Slope Land Away from My House in Magnolia, TX?

Water and moisture can cause complete havoc on your home’s foundation. When too much moisture or water envelops your foundation, it can lead to cracks, heaving, sinking and settling. Repairing a foundation can become a major and very costly project. It is a project that every homeowner should work very hard to avoid. Today, DuraTech Texas would like to share how you can better protect your home from water damage by maintaining a healthy grading.

Maintain Drainage System

One of the best ways to help protect your home’s foundation is by maintaining or creating a drainage system. Often when people hear that you need a drainage system, they assume this refers to complex piping work. However, creating a drainage system is actually much simpler than that. A good drainage system is done by grading the soil around your foundation and adding dirt. You can creating a drainage system by adding dirt around the foundation which helps rain and other water sources flow way from the foundation and prevent moisture build-up.

Slope Land Away from Your House

When you build up the grading or soil around your home’s foundation you will want to make sure it is done properly to ensure proper drainage. When adding dirt around your foundation, you first goal is to create a slope. Making the soil slope downward and away from your home is key. You do not want to create a low point or trench around the foundation as this will only hold in the moisture and bring water right to the foundation. The soil around the foundation needs to be higher so the water flows away from the home.

What is Good Soil for Foundation?

When creating a good grading, you will need to also determine the quality of the dirt or soil around your home’s foundation. In some cases, you might discover the soil is very soft. If you have deep organic soil, it is great for gardening but only trouble for your home’s foundation. In this case, you will need to prepare for some excavation. You will want to dig out the soft organic soil to about one foot down and about two to five feet away from the foundation. To build a good moisture barrier, you will want to use a silt and clay mix to fill in and create a good grading. You can use regular dirt for the top spoil. It is not highly recommended that you have a flowerbed or garden right next to the foundation as you will constantly be adding water next to the foundation. Instead, have your garden or flowerbed at least two feet away from the home. The entire grading or slope should at least be 10 feet long. A ten foot slope will ensure that no moisture builds up near the foundation. To prevent major foundation problems, it is as easy as building a slope. You can prevent a number of water damage related problems and extend the life of your home’s foundation.

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