How Does Slab on Grade Work in Sugar Land, TX? What Does a Slab Foundation Consist Of, Problems & More

Extremely commonly found in homes here in Texas are concrete slab foundations. There is a network of reinforcing rebar or post tension cable, plumbing components, and the concrete itself, while beginning with a vapor barrier. Slab foundations are extremely durable and dependable, when they are properly constructed. Unfortunately, there are problems that will sometimes develop that require the services of a qualified contractor. With this in mind, we at DuraTech Texas, LLC would like to take the opportunity to discuss the basics of the slab foundation and the common issues that can occur.

What Does a Slab Foundation Consist Of?

When it comes to engineering a slab foundation, multilayered method that includes the following steps below is typically involved.
1) Over the excavated area, a protective waterproof fabric is placed. From problems caused by underground moisture, this is done to protect the slab. Also, to prevent termite damage to the completed building, this material helps.
2) A network of post tension cable and reinforcing rebar is constructed. This is to prevent cracks and other structural problems in addition to stabilizing the foundation.
3) Plumbing pipes are laid. Through the foundation, the water and sanitation lines enter the home.
4) The slab itself is poured. During a single long day, this is usually done all at once. By excavated trenches, wooden forms, or a combination of the two, the wet concrete may be held in place.
5) While it cures, the moisture content of the concrete is controlled. Either by having a worker on hand with an ordinary garden hose or using an intermittent sprinkler is usually how this achieved. In order to match local building codes or to conform to the homeowner’s requirements, additional steps may be required. To prevent frost upheaval, though rare but not unheard of here in Texas, or to improve the structure’s energy efficiency, sometimes a layer of rigid insulation is added for example.

What Can Go Wrong with a Slab Foundation?

Without even the slightest sign of trouble, a slab foundation lasts for many decades in many cases. Problems can crop up due to one or more of the following causes below in other instances, however.
1) The underlying soil was inadequately prepared. The earth underneath it must be properly compacted for a slab foundation to remain stable. In to complete the building quickly, sometimes this step is skipped.
2) Protection is insufficient from ground moisture content. Gaps or tears in the waterproof fabric contribute to this failure.
3) The layer of post tension cable and rebar is failed to be protected. Use of inferior materials or hasty construction causes this.
4) Structure failure or cracks. Changes to the earth beneath the foundation, or weather-related damage or the weight of the overlying structure can all cause this.

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

The help of a skilled contractor with the necessary equipment, training, and experience can fix problems with a concrete slab foundation. When you have an issue in Houston, TX with your foundation, call in the experts of DuraTech Texas, LLC and let us assist you!