How Do You Tell the Difference Between Settling & Other Foundation Problems in Stafford, TX?

Being able to identify issues in the foundation is important. In order to identify these issues, you should start with a crawl space. Crawl space odor is just one of many warning signs if you may find a musty odor and notice some foundation cracks.
Excess moisture always invites insects, mold, and bugs. You should examine every area and inspect it carefully. The latest social features built in comes with every layout. With all of this in mind, we at DuraTech Texas would like to take the opportunity to discuss how to identify foundation issues.

What are the Most Common Foundation Problems?

1) Basement is Wet, Leaky, and Infested with Bugs. Musty smells, uneven floors, mold growth, and sagging are common issues that develop in a basement that has high moisture content. Some warning signs are also finding bugs such as earwigs, silverfish, roaches, pill bugs, centipedes, and carpenter ants. Generally, through cracks in the foundation is usually how such infestations begin.
2) Floors are Sagging. There are many issues associated with sagging and warped floors. Many other things can cause floor problems, but the more common concerns are the inadequate foundation waterproofing and humidity.
3) Walls are Cracking. Bowling and cracks in walls can be easily fixed by a trained professional. When the foundation settles, crooked door issues can be developing in your house. Due to moisture issues as well, wall issues, flooring, and crooked doors.
4) Chimney has Cracks. A broken chimney can be the result of the foundation to crack/settle which originates from expanding soil and poor exterior drainage.
Standing water under your house can be the sign of foundation damage apart from that. Via the drainage system, gutters, and more, rainwater should be diverted away. Due to improper drainage systems that let water collect under the house, foundation issues may arise. These problems can be included in the list below.
Drainage is Inefficient. As it can lead to foundation damage, water pooling near the basement or home foundation. This can potentially cause leaky and damp basements and damaged/ clogged gutters too.
Water Leaks. Water pipes and sewer lines are concealed in the slab foundation. The slab can deteriorate when a leak develops, which will then cause issues like moisture on interior floors. You need to take better care of it since a slab leak is hard to notice.
Large Trees to Close to the Structure: As it can put pressure on a foundation and make the situation even worse, large trees can also be the reason as intruding roots. Depending on the type of foundation and the cause of damage, the damage can be of different types.
There are primarily three types of foundations:
– Slab
– Pier
– Beam

Foundation Repair Services & More in Crosby, Cypress, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Based on the buildings’ architecture, soil and land conditions as well as various other factors, the type of foundation to be implemented is dictated. When you need foundation repair in the Greater Houston, TX area, contact DuraTech Texas and let our experts assist you with long-term superior repair services.