How Do I Know if My Tree Roots are Damaging My House Foundation in Texas City, TX?

If you are like most homeowners, you can see the beauty that comes from having beautiful trees on your property. They add shade, visual interest and much more to create a beautiful landscape design. However beautiful trees may be, there is a danger with them as well though. They can cause significant damage to your foundation if you aren’t careful. Duratech Texas is here to talk about how trees can cause damage to your home’s foundation.

How Trees Cause Damage to a Home’s Foundation

When you have a tree on your property that is close to your home, it carries with it the risk that it could damage the foundation. The problem with tree roots is that they are constantly looking for water. When they hit solid surfaces like concrete, they will keep on looking for a source of water to keep them alive. If there is any sort of crack nearby, those roots will start to grow in that crack and can cause the crack to become worse.

Signs of Tree Root Damage to Your Home’s Foundation

There is no way that your foundation can sustain damage without there being signs that are present. When the foundation is damaged by tree roots, this is no exception. Here are some of the signs that you might see if there is damage to your foundation because of tree roots:
– Cracks on the foundation walls
– Cracked windows without any damage caused directly to them
– Windows and doors that are getting stuck and not opening or closing
– Uneven floors
– Verticals cracks on the walls in your home

Trees with Aggressive Roots

There are some trees that you should not put near your home because of their aggressive roots. Some trees have a root system that will grow straight down rather than horizontally. Some trees will have a shallow root system and will grow quickly toward your foundation and cause damage. Here are some trees that you should stay away from because of their aggressive tree roots.
– Oak Trees
– Silver Maple Trees
– Elm Trees
– Sycamore Trees
– Hybrid Poplar Trees
– Willow Trees

How to Prevent Foundation Damage from Tree Roots

There are some steps that you can take to prevent damage to your home’s foundation because of tree roots.
– Root Barriers: an underground walls that is installed underground to keep tree roots from getting too close to your home’s foundation.
– Preventative Landscaping: avoid putting trees on your property that will grow aggressively toward your home.
– Remove Trees: If there are trees that are too close to your home and pose a risk, you need to have the trees removed.

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