Can Poor Water Drainage Cause Foundation Issues in Galveston, TX? How to Prevent & More

When homeowners think about foundation trouble, their first thought usually doesn’t have to do with water and drainage. However, water issues are the number one cause of foundation trouble. It is important that everyone understands how important drainage is to the health of their foundation. DuraTech Texas is here to talk about what impact drainage has on your foundation and why it is so important.

How Does Water Affect the Foundation?

It may come as a surprise to some people that water is the most common issue that leads to foundation damage. However, when there is too much water in the soil that is surrounding your foundation, it can lead to hydrostatic pressure. This will continue to build up and put an enormous amount of pressure on the walls of your foundation. It can also cause problems for slab foundations as well as it will cause too much pressure on the soil that is beneath the slab. Hydrostatic pressure can cause a slab foundation to heave, it can also cause the walls of a foundation to start to crack under the pressure. Basement walls might even start to bow inward if the problem isn’t resolved right away.

Importance of Drainage for Foundations

This is where drainage can come into play. It is essential that water is drained away from a foundation to avoid causing significant damage. There are several different kinds of drainage solutions that can prove to be beneficial for the health of your foundation.
– Proper Yard Grading: Your yard should always slope away from the home so that when moisture is present, it will naturally drain away from your home rather than toward it.
– Gutters & Downspouts: All homes have gutters and downspouts installed when the home is built. However, sometimes these gutters aren’t cleaned out and you can run into drainage problems.
– Downspout Extensions: if the downspouts on your gutter system aren’t draining far enough away from your home’s foundation, you can add extensions to them to help with the problem.
– Underground Downspout & Sump Pump: This system is installed under the ground to get rid of any moisture around the foundation the sump pump will pump the water out and away from the foundation.
– Drain Tile Systems: There are two different types of drain tile systems: exterior and interior. The interior drain tile system will be installed underneath the foundation. The exterior drain tile system will be installed along the foundation perimeter at the footing level. These are both extremely helpful in keeping water from causing foundation problems.

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