Can a Tree Be Too Close to a House Foundation & How to Prevent Damaging Tree Roots in Friendswood, TX

Have you ever wondered what a tree can do to your home? What most homeowners worry about is the roof or windows of their home. However, they never consider what may be going on underneath the ground. Tree roots can have a major effect on a home, and mostly on the foundation. When the foundation becomes compromised, the entire home with be affected. There are a few ways tree roots can affect the home’s foundation. DuraTech Texas would like to share the potential problems a tree poses on a foundation and when to seek foundation repairs.

Physical Foundation Damage

Tree roots can cause physical damages to a concrete foundation. As a strong tree root expands, they often grow underneath the foundation where their strong roots can cause cracks. Cracks tend to vein outwards and are a clear sign that the foundation is being damaged by the tree’s root. Depending on where the cracks occur, you might see they can also cause cracks up along walls and around doors and windows. The tree’s roots cause damage to the foundation by applying constant pressure. As the roots grow, the more pressure they put on the foundation.

Settling & Heaving Concrete Foundation

As tree roots continue to grow and put more and more pressure on the foundation, it can cause heaving. The tree roots also disturb the soil underneath the foundation which can lead to heaving or major settling. The roots feed on moisture and remove nutrients from the soil. As a result, the soil can shrink which isn’t good for the foundation. When soil shrinks or erodes, the soil is not supporting the foundation and the weight of the home. When the soil shrinks or erodes, the foundation will shift, settle and develop dips in the foundation.

Water Damaged Foundation

Water is a major threat to a foundation. Water damage soaks into the foundation which can weaken or cause cracks. However, the major threat is what the water does to the soil. The soil or grading that supports the foundation can expand when it is saturated. When soil expands, it puts pressure on the foundation. Water in the soil often causes cracks and shifting of the entire foundation. Too much water in the soil can also allow the foundation to sink and often on an angle. Tree roots are frequently responsible for breaking the piping underneath a foundation. When a tree’s root wraps around or grows into a pipe, that water is released into the soil or grading that supports the foundation. Water can also enter through foundation cracks and into the home.

Remove Tree to Prevent Roots from Damaging Foundation

These are some of the common ways tree roots can ruin your home’s foundation. When a tree is too close to the home, you may want to consider removing the tree to prevent the roots from damaging your foundation. When a foundation is damaged due to an invasive root system, you can seek foundation repairs. Depending on the damage caused by a tree’s roots there are a few different ways to handle repairing a foundation.

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