Block & Base Foundation Repairs

Homes are built so that their foundations can withstand a certain amount of movement. However, there are times that there is too much movement, and foundation problems can occur. At Dura-Tech Texas LLC, we provide our valued customers with high quality foundation repair services to ensure their home is as structurally sound as it can possibly be. Our team of specialized experts have the experience needed to provide top notch service to every single one of our customers. Customers that have block and base foundations holding up their homes can turn to us to solve any foundation problems that may be present.

Block & Base Foundations

When your home is built using a block and base foundation method, you have a wood-framed house that is sitting on top of masonite blocks that are sitting directly on top of the soil. Most of these houses have one interior beam that runs the length of the floor towards the center of the home. Much like pier and beam foundations, there is a minimum of 16” crawlspace beneath the house to give homeowners access.

Common Causes of Block & Base Foundation Failure

These foundations are usually older when they start to fail. The biggest cause of block and base foundation failure is drought. On the other side, too much rainfall and moisture can cause problems too though. As water from the roof pounds on the solid base of the foundation, it starts to erode the base and cause problems. This allows water to run beneath the surface and the blocks start to rise up as the soil expands. As the soil dries out, it falls again and causes big problems for homeowners.

Signs of Block & Base Foundation Problems

If your floors feel less than stable, you could have a foundation problem. Other signs indicate sticking doors and windows as well as baseboards separating from the walls. When you start to notice that there are cracks in the sheetrock, you have cause for concern and should notify the experts at Dura-Tech Texas, LLC right away.

Methods of Block & Base Foundation Repair

There is more than one way to solve a block and base foundation problem. Here are some of the methods we use:
Readjustment– If you have noticed humps in your floor due to unsupported beams, it can be repaired by reducing the distance between the bases to correct the problem.
Reshim– This is done by leveling each base that supports the home wooden beam that is placed on top of it.
Wood Replacement– If pests or water have caused significant damage to the wood and subfloor material, it will have to be replaced. It is beneficial to remove damaged supports and install new ones.
House Leveling– If the crawlspace isn’t big enough, the entire house can be lifted using airbags. You want your crawlspace to be at least 16”.
Shaker Sill– If the distance between the beams is too great, extra support is added with 4”x6” pieces of wood to offer strength. This will also solve any squeaky floors you may have.

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