Matthew K

Tomball, TX
October 27, 2023

Great guys, pretty easy to work with. I would recommend to friends and family. They did an honest assessment of what our house needed (1950’s 3bd/2 bath). They did 10 piers and beams, 1 of them was interior. After some back and forth they agreed to tunnel to do the interior one for a reasonable charge, instead of going through the floor. Their pricing was very reasonable overall. They were done in 2 days. I thought of knocking this down to 4 stars because one of their guys left a hose running which I found when I got back from work. That faucet is hard to close though and he might have forgot to come back to it, I had to use WD-40 and a wrench to shut it off. Overall I am very pleased so far, they just finished the job yesterday and gave me my warranty certificate.