Cindy P

Rollingwood TX
June 5, 2024

I had pier and beam repaired on a commercial building in Nov 2023. I did my due diligence and got several quotes and also looked at reviews for several companies. Look no further than Dura Tech! They were professional, friendly, prompt, knowledgeable, no hidden fees or extra cost for an engineer, they do it all. I also needed it done sooner than later and they were great in working me in. It was a pleasure to work with them all and the process was made easy. The owner knew I had gotten several quotes and said they would probably be lower, and they were. He said I don’t know why people say don’t go with the highest or the lowest quote, go somewhere in the middle. I’ve heard that too, glad I didn’t listen to it. Thanks Greg, Steve, Mitchell and all the rest of the crew, yall were amazing!